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  1. Lamar clearly still has things to work on but his improvement from year 1 to year two has been impressive imo. Titans are much better than their record and flew under the radar most of the year. On the other hand, Ravens have been high profile all year. Teams have likely been thinking about how to stop them for months. Titans had the perfect game plan to stop Lamar and he was trying to do too much. Their offensive and defensive lines dominated. His biggest mistake last night was the fumble imo. He avoided the rush but held the ball way too long knowing the defender was still behind him. The first pick wasn’t really a huge mistake to me. If Lamar can continue to work on his passing and reading defenses, next year could be even better. He may not be able to match the numbers but actual qb play could improve.
  2. I think I’ll buy Thielen if his price slips next year. He’s never been hurt before this year and I think he could be a bounce back candidate.
  3. 1/10- custom ppr 2/12- ppr 3/12- 1/2 ppr 5/12 Ppr
  4. I lucked out because of the Curtis Samuel hype. He was one of my sleepers but the hype pushed his adp so close to DJ Moore that I ended up going with Moore. I fell for the Mayfield hype in a league. I really though he had a great chance to break out. Luckily, qb was deep this year so it didn’t ruin me.
  5. As long as he’s tied to Brees/Payton and the team doesn’t draft a rb early, I don’t see Kamara falling out of the first round. There’s typically question marks (qb, offense, coaching etc) in the back half of the 1st round and Kamara doesn’t have many.
  6. Any thoughts on Will Grier potentially starting this upcoming week? I know Allen has been throwing mostly short passes but at least Moore has been producing with him. Not sure what to expect from Grier. Guess we’ll find out who’s starting later this week.
  7. I dropped for Ian Thomas. I wouldn’t trust him enough to start next week and I doubt he plays again this year.
  8. Doesn’t sound like the injury is that bad unless I’m missing something. I’m starting him.
  9. That sucks. He’s never been injured throughout his career. Hamstrings are tough though. At this point, it’ll be risky to start him without him showing he can stay healthy for a full game first.
  10. Ingram x3 Adams x3 Lamar x2 Odell x2 Also liked Kupp a lot this year and he’s the only player I wanted but got no shares.
  11. He had about 25 touches today.If that continues, big games will come. We’ll see how that fumble changes things though. He has to hold onto the football.