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  1. Don’t know what to say at this point. Jets just signed washed up Joe Flacco. He’s reportedly out until early September due to neck surgery. Jets weren’t a good option for Cam anyway but it’s just baffling that Flacco has been signed when he’s recovering from a recent major surgery.
  2. Reggie Bush had a nice year in 2013 and it would’ve been even better had he not missed 2 games. Not necessarily a star running back but that was a year worth mentioning.
  3. Although Baker was pretty bad last year, there was optimism that he would show a lot of improvement this year. With him likely out, the Giants secondary looks even worse. Great team to start offensive players against, weak secondary and no pass rush.
  4. I don’t think that’s the right conclusion to draw. Could be true but I think teams would want their own doctors to do a physical particularly for a player with his recent injuries. A team isn’t going to sign him without having their doctors take a look. There’s too much risk there. An example would be Brees failing his Miami physical but then passing his Saints physical. There was something there that Miami wasn’t comfortable with but the Saints were after their doctors took a look at him. These are unprecedented times. I think in normal times Cam would have definitely gotten more traction by now and likely visited a few teams before the draft. He has the most complicated case this offseason. There could definitely be more to it but the physical is a large part of the equation.
  5. From what I’ve read, Brady was examined by independent doctors in NY since the Bucs doctors couldn’t look at him due to covid19. Brady didn’t have any injuries that the Bucs needed to worry about to my knowledge. Cam passed a physical in Atlanta. I think teams would rather their doctors look at him though since he’s had a major shoulder injury and foot injury recently. I assume the same for Dj and Hopkins but I haven’t found an article that specified who did their physicals.
  6. It’s definitely between Henry and Sanders. Due to the scoring format and round, I would go with Sanders. Luckily it’s still early so you can wait to see who the Eagles sign as a complementary back. I would likely still lean towards him no matter who they sign though.
  7. The reason he couldn’t run last year was the lisfranc injury.
  8. What’s the headache? Not sure I’ve seen that from Cam. Seems to be a good teammate and liked by team and former coaching staff.
  9. He didn’t really out produce Woods by much. Woods is a huge piece of the offense as well.
  10. It’ll be interesting to see if Brown ever plays again. It’s tough to say at this point but it’s definitely not impossible. I think it would have been more encouraging if he had reconciled with Rosenhaus though. He’s viewed as the best in the business and it would say something to teams about Brown’s rehabilitation if Rosenhaus accepted him back.
  11. Very intrigued by Mack this year. The oline plus Rivers puts him in a good spot. He had 247 carries last year and 14 receptions in 14 games. If he can stay healthy (play 16) and get 25-30 more receptions, he could have a huge year. I noticed his college target share was 10.9%. I’m not really familiar with his college career though. Also had 29 receptions his rookie year. College receptions- 21,16, 28 It’s going to be interesting. Hines had 44 receptions last year on 58 targets. He’s still going to be heavily involved and I’d imagine Paris Campbell gets a lot of short, quick passes as well. Indy qbs threw 91 passes to rbs last year. Chargers qbs threw 182 passes. There should be a lot of opportunities for the running backs this year in Indy. If Rivers does the same in Indy, there’s no way Mack doesn’t get a big bump in targets. Sign me up! (As long as they don’t draft someone else early). Hines should have a good year in ppr as well.
  12. Lamar clearly still has things to work on but his improvement from year 1 to year two has been impressive imo. Titans are much better than their record and flew under the radar most of the year. On the other hand, Ravens have been high profile all year. Teams have likely been thinking about how to stop them for months. Titans had the perfect game plan to stop Lamar and he was trying to do too much. Their offensive and defensive lines dominated. His biggest mistake last night was the fumble imo. He avoided the rush but held the ball way too long knowing the defender was still behind him. The first pick wasn’t really a huge mistake to me. If Lamar can continue to work on his passing and reading defenses, next year could be even better. He may not be able to match the numbers but actual qb play could improve.
  13. I think I’ll buy Thielen if his price slips next year. He’s never been hurt before this year and I think he could be a bounce back candidate.
  14. 1/10- custom ppr 2/12- ppr 3/12- 1/2 ppr 5/12 Ppr