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  1. He got only two targets this week. One overthrow and one drop. He’s running routes but not getting many passes his way. We need it to go to 4-5 per game. I may hold but I’ll throw some offers out there to see what people think of him.
  2. Haha Murray’s so greedy lol. Can’t complain though. He scored easily. It was a good call.
  3. Why does Chase Edmonds get the plays that actually have potential?
  4. Not a fan of Kyler Murray’s playing style. He should be using his backs more as pass catchers. Can’t run drake up the guy every time and that be his only touches.
  5. This dude is a savage. Sucks they lost Lewan for the season but I expect Henry to keep rolling.
  6. Team said they don’t think it’s that serious. Plus they have the bye coming up. I think he’ll be okay.
  7. Looks like Parker will be a game script bust again smh.
  8. Terrible call by Rivera. Just kick the extra point and you probably win. I’ll take it though.
  9. This is rough especially for Cmac owners that end up missing the playoffs. He’s basically given you nothing all year as the first overall pick. When ever he comes back Mike Davis will still be involved some. Not sure he’ll have the league winning upside. Hope I’m wrong though.
  10. 1 player and 3 staff members had false positives.