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  1. thank you for reply Qb - Murray RB1 - Barkley RB2 - Gurley WR1 - Golladay WR2 - Metcalf TE - L Thomas Bench - Dobbins/Edmonds/Gaskin/W Fuller/BurrowMVS
  2. I’d go with Arizona...but Colts are a close 2nd behind. They should be much better going forward. Help with mine?
  3. I think you go Gallup, though I expect Cupp to have a comeback game. Help with mine?
  4. I do like Kelley, but I think you’ve got to get Bell. He should be a real contributor once he’s back. please help
  5. It’s very close, but I think you take it. Conner is supposedly going to play, but I don’t trust him at all to stay healthy. It’s a good time to buy Dobbins. please help
  6. I think I’d go with Brown and Campbell. Rivers seems to gravitate towards Campbell and he could be his Keenan Allen. Please help
  7. I think I’d go with MJ. I think there will be a nice opportunity for Detroit to play catch up. please help with mine.
  8. This is for a 14 team PPR league. I’ve been offered Clyde Edwards Helaire and Parris Campbell for Barkley. Do I take it? After watching that pathetic performance from the Giants’ oline, I’m concerned that Barkley is going to be in trouble with the rough schedule versus run defenses he has coming up. Chicago San Francisco LA Rams Dallas Washington Philly Tampa Do I take the trade? WHIR!!
  9. Wondering what the going rate is on Lewis right now. He is completely on fire. Is it time to sell him in keeper leagues or is he a buy?
  10. Is he still a no-doubt top 10 guy if he’s batting 3rd instead of lead-off? In terms of dynasty value, where does he fall?
  11. I’m in a salary cap dynasty league and I’ve decided to see what I can get for Vlad Jr. This is a 15 team MLB 6x6 league with a $300 cap (for draft) and a $450 cap in-season. We can keep players a maximum of 6 seasons and their price goes up $2 per year. i have some decent young chips to build my team around - Gavin Lux - $2 Fernando Tatis - $3 Bo Bichette - $2 Yordan Alvarez - $2 Luke Voit - $3 Carson Kelly - $6 I’ve received the following deals for Vlad A - Trade Vlad for I get - Yelich - 2nd year - $43 Luis Urias - 3rd year - $6 D Lamet - 2nd - $7 C Martinez - 2nd $7 Alex Bohm - minors - $1 Tyler Freeman - minors - $1 B - Trade Vlad for Nolan Arenado - 2nd year - $48 Mitch Garver - 2nd year $4 Marcus Semien - 2nd year $5 James Paxton - 5th year $16 Currently my team is - C - C Kelly C - empty 1b - L Voit 2b - G Lux Ss - Tatis 3b - Vlad CI - Christian Walker MI. Bo Bichette LF - Ian Happ CF - Jesse Winker RF - Nick Senzel OF - empty Util - Yordon Alvarez Util - JD Davis On the pitching side, I have C Paddock cheap and have Forest Whitley at $1 Which deal is better for me long-term?
  12. Any chance Seager gets moved for Lindor or Betts? With the Dodgers' unwillingness to include Lux in a deal for Lindor, you have to figure they would instead include Seager.
  13. I do think there is risk with Kupp. The 12 personnel is obviously working well for the Rams. I’m not sure if I’ll use him or not. He could easily put up 3-21.
  14. Thank you very much for your input. Which RB should I aim for? Maybe a Marlon Mack/Mattinson package for Ingram/Edmonds? I do need Cook’s handcuff.
  15. Thank you for input. Which RB should I target for an Ingram/Edmonds package? Chris Carson territory?
  16. I think it’s a close call, but you take it. Lockett will get his and Henry is always an injury risk.
  17. If Diggs goes off tonight, offer it to him and you should be able to get the QB you want. Maybe add Hyde to the mix if Diggs alone doesn’t cut it. He does need RB depth.
  18. I would 100% go with Kelce. I think he’s going to come up big for you. The Chiefs will still be playing for home field (at least in 2nd rd).
  19. I am in the Sanders camp. I think he will show something before all is said and done. Howard is who he is.
  20. That’s a tough call. I think they are grouped similarly. Allen is due for a big week as he’s been targeted a ton. I think Adams has a tough schedule during fantasy playoffs. Have not looked at Chargers’ schedule. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. Maybe a slight edge to Adams.
  21. I really don’t like Henry in that matchup, but he’s as likely as anyone to get 3x 1 yard TD runs. Definitely play the NO starter.
  22. I think the situation in Cincy is volatile. Who knows how much longer Dalton will be the QB and all bets are off with the backup (though he couldn’t do much worse). I’d shop around but ultimately take that if it’s best option.
  23. I think you go with Diggs. He is the clear guy this week and I believe Cousins has an axe to grind v Washington.
  24. I’m currently 7-0 in a highly competitive 12 team PPR league that’s part of 8x12 tm leagues that compete for an overall title. Weeks 12-16 are essentially the top 24 teams duking it out for the most points scored. I’m clearly looking highest potential upside. All touchdowns are worth 6 points. I’ve been able to get by on uneven performance by Carson Wentz and an injured Drew Brees on my bench. I’m wondering if an upgrade to Aaron Rodgers puts me in a better position to pair with Drew Brees to play matchups the rest of the way. In this league, we start 2 Flex players. My typical lineup has been - QB - Wentz RB1 - Dalvin Cook RB2 - Mark Ingram WR1 - Deandre Hopkins WR2 - Amari Cooper TE - Darren Waller Flex1 - Cooper Kupp Flex2 - Hunter Henry (when healthy) My bench is - QB2 Drew Brees RB - Devin Singletary, Chase Edmonds, Darrel Henderson, Mark Walton WR - John Brown, Robby Anderson I have 2 offers that have been presented to me - Offer 1 - I get Aaron Rodgers - I trade Carson Wentz/Chase Edmonds Offer 2 - I get Deshaun Watson, Gerald Everett - I trade Amari Cooper, Darren waller I’m leaning towards taking the 1st one because of 2 reasons - Reason 1 - Edmonds upcoming schedule and role going forward. @New Orleans v SF @TB @SF Reason 2 - Wentz’s schedule is really tough @BUF CHI BYE @NE SEA Please give me some input! Much appreciated and WHIR!!