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  1. I'm happy with Tanaka. glad he opted in. I would take him in any league, but no one wants to trade him
  2. 3 post season start is EXTREMELY significant
  3. I'm here Mr. Brown. Tanaka is an argument. let's see what happens. I am hopeful
  4. I'd be very trepidatious about his PT going forward...... 5-6 games per week at most not worth the empty stats. A very good daily lineup fill in
  5. 20 IP 2 ER 18 K 0.90 ERA and WHIP in 3 post season starts. talk to me about it Mr. Brown hindsight is 20/20 he has been similar to 2017 up to May he was 5-5 with a 6.32 ERA through May last year. he is now 6-2 4.62 ERA yes, wins mean something. I'm sooooooooooo glad we have him
  6. where did you get $27 mil from? he makes $67 mil 3 years. or $22.3 mil. who would they get? Arrieta? He is the only one I wasn't sold on him either. who else was out there to get for $22 mil per? Even Arrieta makes $25 mil. Tanaka is a bargain at 3 years $67 mil I'd bet on Tanaka over Arrieta over next 3 years. Tanaka had an ok 2nd half and a great post season in 2017. I'm banking on him doing well ROS
  7. what year? dynasty ? yes. redraft? only with an open DL spot
  8. and a guess.. an hypothesis, but still a guess
  9. I'm only holding because i have the DL spot
  10. adrenaline bro. adrenaline. i ran 15-20 yards on a broken leg, while drunk. then sat on my fat a** for 6 weeks
  11. i'm glad he didn't we need the SP bad. he was good in second half last year. it's Severino and nothing
  12. i was waiting for Kershaw and Reyes lol
  13. huh? I was commenting on the doctors analysis. unless "back tightness" always leads to a 4-6 week shelving? I mean it is possible, your guess is as good as mine. Unless you did examine him, then I digress
  14. I will try too. He misses one start and comes back as strong as ever. Finishes rest of year 12 - 2 2.25 ERA 138 K 117 IP