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  1. One spot left. Please get your applications in. Lots of extra features including a Google Doc to keep track of history, Team Pages, Awards, Etc. You may take a look at our settings here:
  2. Here is a link to the league to see for yourself:
  3. Hello, I am recruiting top-notch, elite fantasy players for a startup Dynasty League. $50 H2H on ESPN. I am cool extra features such as a trade chart, Team Clubhouse pages, and other things to keep track of history over the years. I am looking for dedicated owners only. People who check their teams daily, make trade offers consistently, and engage in our league chat app. I hope to make this league the best league you've ever played in. Please email me with qualifications if interested. Spots are limited so I'm only taking people really interested who will be invested, and good players. Thanks.
  4. I'm a very active manager. I'm looking for a great league, where people are always trying to win, responding and making trade offers. Message me if you have something available.
  5. I'm interested. Would like some more details before fully committing. My email is
  6. I've been playing for 15 years
  7. I've been playing fantasy a long time. I find most leagues only have about 50% of their owners who are active in trade talks constantly and really "in it" Would like to find a league where it's super active. If you have an opening, message me. Thanks. -Coach
  8. Can i get an invite to look around?