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  1. Hey Mike. Im finalizing the roster for an epic 30-team Dynasty League. Its $200 entry and will use H2H categories Technically i have 30 right now but my guess is there will be one or two duds who make way for an open spot if you want to check it out and see if its a good fit:
  2. Hello! I am looking to fill the final 2 roster spots on a deep and very epic 30-team dynasty roster. The roster is comprised of dedicated and competitive managers who are in it for the long haul to build something special over the years to come. Please apply only if you are responsive, communicative and dedicated to your fantasy leagues. While there are a few aspects of the ruleset we are still nailing down, the following information should give a good picture of the league: League name: Dynasty Stickball Association Number of teams: 30 Franchises: All 30 major league teams: teams are assigned first come first serve Format: Head to head each category, still under development (but something along the lines of R, RBI, TB, BB, SB, AVG, OPS x ER, BB, K, ERA, WHIP, QS, SV+H) Site: Fantrax Communication: Slack Buy in: $200 annually (future dues must be paid prior to trading future draft picks) Draft style: Slow auction draft with annual supplemental rookie draft (initial setup auction may be one draft covering MLB and MiLB rosters or broken into 2) Rosters: 25 man MLB rosters. 15 man MiLB rosters in year one. 5 additional MiLB in year 2 and 3, and 2 additional MiLB each year after that. Trades: Very active trading league with tradeable future draft picks, prospects, and potentially acquisition budget assets General philosophy: The aim is to craft a league that provides as immersive and nuanced of a GM experience over time. We are aiming for maximum depth in terms of farm systems, trade possibilities, etc. I am open to input and ideas in making that a reality. Looking for dedicated owners. Franchises available are PHI and WAS. Once those two spots are filled will being a wait-list in case of anyone getting cold feet last minute. Thanks!