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  1. Send me a League link by private message when you’re up and running. Thanks Commissioner.
  2. The link doesn’t seem to work on my IPhone. If anyone starts a league like this, and needs new members, please PM a League link here on Rotoworld, as long as you use Leaguesafe. I prefer entry fees between $50-$150. But Ill play in just about anything: NL only AL only H2H roto ROTO Points Contracts Keeper Dynasty hitters only pitchers only pick 3 teams and take players from those teams lol. Anything. Internet savvy people who can make this link worth; PM a CBS League Link me if you need a warm body and use Leaguesafe. The MLB TV by itself is easily worth the ride, like the guy above said.
  3. I’m looking for a League. Likes and dislikes: —Prefer Leaguesafe —Prefer SNAKE Draft over Auctions; also like slow and semi slow snake drafts —At least 5 IDP with Offensive positions but the more the merrier —At least 1 or 2 Team Defense and some Bench spots —Kickers and punters not necessary but I can live with them. —Prefer Dynasty or Keepers, and even contracts or salary cap leagues!! —Prefer Yahoo, CBS and Fantrax. —Offensive and Defensive FLEX is OK but prefer to avoid 2QB league. —Would even be interested in a scenario with A single league with multiple drafts where for example, you pick a team and get 3 or 5 players from that team and then do another draft to fill out the rest of your team. If anyone has a league similar to this with openings, please post some info (or even a League link) in this thread. Thanks.
  4. Another bump for the Commissioner. Kershaw Team Open. 5 Strong SP as keepers Fun league and FunCommissioner. Leave email here or PM to Pleeg3
  5. Most recent update: 1 Open team remains (Kershaw Team) Kershaw/Verlander/Strasburg/Hendricks/Price/Smoak/Bundy/Lamb 5 keepers H2H Points, CBS Snake Draft, 3/25 10PM 100$ entry via Leaguesafe, 100% payout Send PM to PLEEG3 or leave email here.
  6. CORRECTION: Kershaw team opened up. So your 5 keepers would come from these players: Kershaw, Strasburg, Verlander, Hendricks, Bundy, Price, Smoak, Lamb ETC.
  7. Trout team has opened back up. Trout Blackmon Yelich Davis Quintana/Merrifeld etc.
  8. Bump for the Commish. 1 Opening remains •••5 Keepers ••• Choose from Bryant, Scherzer, Votto, Freeman, Severino, Carpenter, EE, Olson (defending champions team) ••• 3/25 10PM Snake Draft, CBS H2H points •••100% payout Leave email here. or send PM to PLEEG3 (above.)
  9. Another bump for the Commish. 1 Opening left. Choose 5 of the following as your keepers: Bryant, Scherzer, Votto, Freeman, Severino, Olson, Ozuna, Carpenter. 100$ Leaguesafe. Awesome payouts. H2H Points. March 25, Sunday, 10PM Leave email address here. or send PM to Pleeg3
  10. A Bump for the Commissioner. Another team has opened up. 5 potential keepers on this team include: •••••Bryant, Scherzer, Severino, Votto, Freeman, Carpenter, Ozuna. This team is actually the DEFENDING CHAMPION. PM Commish George, the OP, if interested. Send a PM to Pleeg3 Or leave your email address here. Thanks.
  11. Great Commish. One of the best around. Fun league with great payouts compared to your other CBS leagues. The guys who quit (or were removed) either wanted to play roto over H2H Points , or weren’t very active last year. The 5 keepers for the three teams would probably look something like this: •••Donaldson, Correa, Betts, Cain, Stroman/Cole •••Kershaw, Strasburg, Verlander, Hendricks, Smoak/Bundy/Lamb •••Trout, Blackmon, Yelich, Kris Davis, Quintana/Merrifeld Send a PM to Pleeg3, the Commish George. Or leave your email here for the League link.
  12. Ok. Are you going to Open Publish it on the Yahoo App?