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  1. WR's tearing Bengals up this year, not the day to sit OBJ fellas Floor of 6/80
  2. PPR Gotta bench one Beckham vs Bengals CLaypool vs Titans Chark vs Chargers
  3. Ty for the help Yea that is tough but I do it. Robinson is so hit/miss in the O Good luck man!
  4. JuJu!!! Do not bench this guy today!
  5. Good to go tomorrow, wait and see i guess
  6. I have met him, no ego whatsoever Now, his play, well, his motor may not be like other good QB's which puts him in that meddling category of up/down all the time
  7. Chucky playing head games with Coach Bill. Waller barely practiced this week due to the large role last week is my assumption. I have him locked and loaded no worries
  8. I would Tannehill is a borderline QB1 weekly and you are upgrading WR I mean Watson will have some bigger weeks but Tanny is not far off and I love Gibby in that flex
  9. PPR, better WR stash and bye week filler? Claypool Hamler Miller
  10. Got a feeling it is gonna be one of those 270/1/1 games. Texan pass D looks pretty good to me Conner will go off and be the focal point I think
  11. Feeling it tonight, that Jag pass D is crap!! Fitz or Ben this week?