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  1. Waller and Kirk for me Kirk and Deebo close but I really like ARZ to throw a ton TY
  2. Very tough! All are 10-12 pint guys but I think the upside lies in Scott. No way they let off this guy, he is gonna have a nice game, Eagles know he is good and they need him
  3. PPR Trust Jared Cook for Monday night vs Indy? ....or go with Goedert (@ Redskins) or Hollister (@ Panthers)
  4. I’m think with the “spying” garbage out there coach B is gonna try and DESTROY the hapless Bengals. I think White will have a big day and be involved even when the Pats are up by 4 scores
  5. Benching the 🧀 head for Tanny this week no question about it Rodgers looks lost at times, sometimes like he has no clue, I’m not risking that in Chi town this week in my semis
  6. In your situation I would go Fuller, the odds are just in his favor over the other guys
  7. Boyd is 1 Crowder second, not even close. You are gonna get 30-35 pts from these guys total!
  8. I think Shep has the best floor but Slayton has the highest ceiling with odds of a big play or 2 so I go that route if you need MAD UPSIDE If you need a solid 10-12 go Shep assuming it is a PPR
  9. What is the accuracy rate of your gut? Mine is not good this year compared to years past LOL I go Brady and Fitz myself. Brady better floor vs worse secondary IMO
  10. Kyler Murray owner trying to decide who to start League does not count INT or FL, only + socring Kyler Murray plays at 4, slight injury concern Start Kyle Allen, Andy Dalton or Brissett .....or pick up Rivers (who has 4 PM game like Murray) and just insert him if Kyler is a no go for some reason
  11. Dalton gonna goona be chomping at the bit to rip up a pass D, oh hello NYJ pass D, you ready to rumble?
  12. NO deductions for INT's Dalton vs Jets Rivers @ Denver Kyle Allen vs Washington
  13. Julio our Gage gotta be good for 6-7 grabs right?