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  1. Might be interested in either if they draft tonight. What is the status of each league?
  2. Is there any spots left? I would be interested.
  3. Looking for a new owner for one of the teams in my ESPN 12-team keeper league. H2H with 5x5 categories. You must keep 10 players (no more or less). $50 entry fee. Draft is scheduled for Thursday, March 21st at 8pm Central Time. See below for the link to the settings as well as the team that you would be taking over. Please reply to this post if you are interested. Thanks! Settings Team
  4. send me an invite. thanks
  5. you need to make your league public so we can click on the links and see the settings and available teams
  6. Hey Nathan, Thanks for the interest. I just had the commissioner of the league send you an invite so you could join the league.
  7. I am in a 12 team keeper league on ESPN. We need one owner to take over a team where the owner decided not to return this year. You keep 10 players (no more or less). This team also has 1st pick in the draft after keepers. $50 entry fee. 5x5 H2H Categories. I have links to the settings as well as the team you would be taking over below. Please respond to this post if interested. Thanks! League settings Team you would be taking over
  8. can you send me details about setting and teams available? thanks