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  1. Update: I can change Lynn out for Hendricks if i want so Ray would be a much bigger upgrade now in Ks if its for Hendricks instead of Lynn. JD and Hendricks for Bryant and Ray
  2. My current starting bats are: Sanchez Rizzo Hiura Donaldson Correa Yelich Cain Franmil Jd Martinez Y Alvarez Tucker
  3. 5 x 5 roto dynasty 1) JD Martinez and Lance Lynn 2) Kris Bryant and Robbie Ray Recent stats are definitely in 1's favour but age is in 2's Do you think Ray can get his ERA down at all? and can Lynn come close to repeating last season? Which side would you take? Thanks!
  4. I've been offered JD Martinez, Correa and Ryu for my Tatis, Gallo and Keuchel in my dynasty rotisserie league.. I personally think I'd be winning the deal for this season and maybe the next but not sure beyond that. I'm consistently finishing in the money so I have a competitive roster (if that changes your opinion) Would you do this? And do you think it's a win short and/or long term? Or neither lol Thanks!
  5. I agree with this if you can find someone willing to move prospects for Kersh
  6. I agree with this. 5 hitters and Glasnow, Snell and Syndergaard
  7. Took the words right out of my mouth. Rendon for me. Help with mine?
  8. Story, Bellinger, Alvarez and Alonso. Gorman for NA Help with mine?
  9. I would take Thor for sure Help with mine?