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  1. He was never going to be a guy that shines when he's the only WR weapon, and people dunk on him for disappointing with Adams/Lazard out and with Adams out in 2019. All of the attention will be given to Adams (and Carlton Davis, a top 10 CB, is a GTD) in what should be a high scoring game. I keep thinking back to Herbert slinging deep TDs to no-name receivers in Week 3, feel like MVS catches one on Sunday.
  2. Any streamer appeal this week? Very much considering him but I think the impending rain on Sunday night dampens his outlook. Feel like he has a pretty high floor regardless as SEA should take a lead, but struggling to see the upside if weather is a factor. I'm between him, Daniel Jones, and Jimmy G if he's active.
  3. Indy is no slouch run D, and he was averaging like less than a yard a carry for the 1st 3 quarters against ATL until a few nice late runs in big comeback drives. I certainly don’t think he looks great, but I think it’s a stretch to call him the worst RB in football.. quick cuts and tough to bring down with first contact, but the burst and vision obviously leave some to be desired. Would like to see the Bears actually take a lead in a game to see what he can do with a positive game script.. for a 4-1 team I feel like they haven’t led in a game at all.
  4. Standard league, David Montgomery vs TB or Damien Harris vs DEN? TB is the best run D in football, especially tough against a guy like Montgomery who doesn’t have the burst to salvage a poor day with 1 big play. However, CHI is the only team without a rushing TD, feel like they’ll try to fix that if they get to the goal line. DEN run D is no slouch. Harris is far more unpredictable, but he did get 17 carries after getting activated the same day. Pretty clear he’s their 1-2 down banger. He also looked quite good on Monday, size and burst to spare. I think he’ll get the 1st crack at the goal line, but who knows. Also, which streamer QB in a 6 point pass TD league.. Bridgewater (ATL), Jones (DAL), or Cousins (SEA)? Leaning cousins.
  5. I just said his name and my laptop started floating.
  6. Was planning to offer Odell for Golladay straight up in a Standard scoring league. Who would you rather have ROS? Tough to deal Odell after that blowup, and the arrow may be pointing up with no Chubb, but the volume simply won't be there for him to be consistent. Golladay is one of the premiere end zone threats in football. It would leave me in a bit of a sticky WR situation this week with only Ridley and Watkins in the lineup (Golladay bye, Julio injury), but I am a heavy favorite this week in proj points and could likely find a high floor WR to play as my WR3 (already own Greg Ward). Another factor is the Golladay owner plays my Division opponent this week with Kenny on BYE, so Odell would give him a better shot than a backup in that game.
  7. Next week against the Broncos could be an opportunity for that, assuming Rypien plays again. May consider flexing him.
  8. This week went just about as well as it could have with Akers sitting. I was fearful that a strong Henderson game, which seemed almost like a lock coming in, would make him the unquestioned lead dog in this backfield... but Henderson ran behind Brown and looked pretty pedestrian with his carries against a bad defense. It is still anyone's backfield, and while Brown is still a thorn, he hasn't looked close to as good as he did on Week 1 SNF over the past 3 games. Akers is going to get another shot at this, hope he comes back refreshed and hungry as soon as this Sunday.
  9. Watch his runs, it looks to me that Cincy is telegraphing half of them and Burrow just can’t make the D pay for it or change around his snap counts to keep the D on their heels. Almost every single run there’s LBs and DBs already coming toward the LOS with their momentum going forward and Burrow snaps it as they’re moving, resulting in an easy blowup at or behind the LOS. Seems like something that can be fixed, but man, things are not looking good if teams know they can just overwhelm this line at the point of attack. The one bright spot is that he got 75% of snap share and Philly is always strong against the run. Hopefully that trend continues, JAX can be run on.
  10. They’re going to give him a shot to be the guy. They’ve all but given up on Sony, Burkhead is steady and reliable but frankly just awful. I don’t think Harris is particularly dynamic, but he’s a really well-rounded no nonsense back with size, burst, and vision. He’s also a pretty solid pass catcher and Bill/McDaniels may like that so they’re not tipping their hand by which running back is in the game. Cam has been running effectively, but they’re not going to let him run 12-15 times a game if they want him to last 17 games. Even if he does continue to beast, he did the same thing in Carolina, and both JStew/Deangelo Williams had seasons top 15 seasons with him taking a ton of carries and goal line work.
  11. Something that I haven't seen yet is any props to the Jags OL. They were being labeled as a bottom-tier OL, but to me they've looked very good opening holes for JRob and giving Minshew enough time to let the play develop/allow for Robinson (or Thompson) to leak out of the backfield for dump-offs. Jawann Taylor was a 1st round talent at RT and was strong as a run blocker last year. Cam Robinson has the rep as a below average LT, but he's looked really good to me through 3 games (can't say I watched much JAX last year). Norwell was a big money FA acquisition that is a road grader, and Cann/Linder are both stable vets filling out the middle. Through the 3 games I've watched I've been very impressed. As a Mixon owner and truther, it pains me when he gets met in the backfield on half of his carries. For JRob, he seems to have ample time to get up to speed and make plays, and his OL has been a huge part of that through 3 games.
  12. Standard scoring 3WR league. I’m starting Julio, Odell, and Ridley, Julio is looking like a long shot to play, and the 2 WR on my bench are P Williams and Watkins. Watkins is in concussion protocol and plays on MNF, so makes him a risky plug. Could also pick up Demarcus Robinson as a Sammy handcuff. I had James Robinson last night so really looking for a floor play. My options in waivers are: Fitzgerald (DET) - should be a shootout and Kirk is doubtful Berrios (IND) - should soak up 6-10 targets in the slot in a positive gamescript Anthony Miller (ATL) - Most talented of the bunch and good matchup but put up a 0 last week (Also starting Montgomery and hate the thought of 2 Bears) Humphries (MIN) - If Brown doesn’t play Others: Pascal, Hogan, Bourne Thoughts?
  13. It's time for everyone to stop the Josh Allen is bad narrative. He's dropped dime after dime 2 straight weeks, coupled with being the the 2nd or 3rd best rushing QB in football (Still ahead of Kyler imo, tossup between him and Cam). It's not just putting up empty fantasy points, he's a legitimate franchise QB.
  14. I like Stafford against ARI next week in what should be a fast-paced, high scoring game, so I’d keep him. I’m thinking Goff may be the play this week over Stafford. Rams are NOT gonna be able to run the ball against that front, Goff was efficient last week and looked pretty good, they just happened to run it in twice. Think he’s as good a bet as any for 300+ and 2 TDs. If the lions somehow lead in this game they’ll be content running it over and over again, there’s no scenario in which the Rams don’t air it out imo.
  15. No Golladay again this week. Cepheus and Amendola picked up the slack a bit last week but they were very ineffective in the red zone with no Kenny. We all know Stafford was awesome in his half season last year, but GB was actually the one team he struggled against (didn’t even have a TD). The Packers rolled last week so I think the game script will likely be in Stafford’s favor, but I’m still uneasy about him. Other people that are in a QB bind, how would you rank him among the top waiver guys for this week: Rivers, Goff, Carr, Mitch (gulp)?