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  1. We have 1 team available in our 16 Team Head to Head most Categories dynasty. This is a competitive league with a wealth of knowledgable owners. Rosters are deep with 56 man roster including 26 minors. We are looking to fill with an active quality owner and we can get started with off-season free agency and trading. The Rule 5 Draft will be coming up in January followed by a FYP and International signees draft in Feb. Team Highlights.... Hitters: Gleyber, Urshela, Lux, Garver, Biggio, Mazara Pitchers: Cease, Gallen, Hader, Kluber, Tallion Minors: Kieboom, Trammel, Larnach, Kopech Email me at and I can send you an invite for you to check out the league. The Charter can be found here....
  2. Hello everyone we are a 2nd year dynasty looking for 1 owner so we can get started with the off season. Active and competitive league with lots of trading and continuous conversation throughout the season. Rules are attached here.... The team highlights..... MLB- Baez, Saurez, Semien, Story, Boyd, Hendricks, Price, Hand MiLB- Team is lacking a little bit Roederer, Marquez highlight a few here. Let me know if you have questions and I can send you more information on team and league.
  3. Brand New Dynasty League here and we are looking for 1 quality owner to join in with us. We are currently voting on setting/rule changes of the constitution as we speak. We would like to get everything hashed out and everyone paid up by the end of the weekend so we can start drafting! Here is a link to the constitution. Email me at
  4. 13/16 now filled.......almost there! Lets do this! Email me at:
  5. Looking like we are 12/16.....Hurry up and grab your spot before everything fills up!!!! Email me at:
  6. 11/16 Filled..... 5 more and we can get this party started!!! Email me at:
  7. Still looking for some quality owners who are ready to become an integral part of building the foundation of this dynasty. Lets do this. Email me at:
  8. Good Morning Fantasy baseball fans. Hope everyone has a great weekend. If you have the itch for some drafting and starting a brand new league please....... Email me at:
  9. Another spot filled, up to 6/16 looking for more to get this party started. Email me at:
  10. Now that the fall classic is over, Let's get the Hot Stove rolling. What better way to do it than by drafting your own new team in this competitive full Dynasty league. Email me at:
  11. Saturday Keyboard Warriors..... Once you have awaken from your slumber after that marathon game last night/this morning. Hit me up to join our brand new dynasty league. Email me at:
  12. Still looking for some quality owners who are willing to step up to the plate for a real challenge. Email me at:
  13. Still looking for a few good owners. Let me know if you are up for the challenge. Email me at:
  14. Looking to form a brand new Dynasty league on Fantrax. I have an idea of some of the settings I would like to use but am also looking for input from GMs as well. Looking for serious DieHard Fantasy GM's. Please see a few details below. If you have questions and/or are interested in the league please email me at I hate the word "vetting" but please include a little information about yourself....... Age, Where from, Fantasy Baseball history, depth of knowledge with rosters including minors. Remember I'm looking for Seriously committed owners. Platform: Fantrax Teams: 14 to 16 Teams Buy In: $150 Daily Lineups Format: 7x7 H2H Categories each Category win Draft: Live Online Slow Draft (at least 8 hours per pick) Categories: Hitting: OBP, HR, R, SBN, RBI, TB, SO Pitching: QS, Saves+Holds, K/9, ERA, WHIP, K/BB, IP (Looking for Input on Categories if any) Rosters: 25 Man Rosters Hitters: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, OF, OF, UT Pitchers: 9 Pitching slots (Can Use any combination of pitchers, would discuss having a max start limit though) Bench: 7 Minors: 25 DL: Unlimited (during season) **Only MLB active players can be in Active roster spots. Minor league players can be kept in 7 bench spots but not in active roster spots. All roster spots must contain an active player. Minor eligibility: 500 ABs/150 IP (Can be called up or sent down anytime) *Players currently in minors will not be able to be added in FA during season. This keeps the value of prospects high and importance of yearly prospect draft. Playoffs: 8 Team Championship Bracket and 8 team Consolation. Consolation winner will receive 1st pick in the Rule 5 draft. Prizes: To be discussed. This will be a Trophy league in addition to the prize pool. End of Season Drafts: January: 2 Round Rule 5 draft (Teams can protect 35 players/Team can lose a max of 2 players before roster lock) Rule 5 daft picks are protected. February: 5 Round Prospect/International Player draft (These picks can be traded) First set of proposed payouts if that makes any more interest. This is just a proposal and can be discussed within group. 1st: $600 2nd: $450 3rd: $300 4th: $100 5-8: $75 9th (consolation winner): $50 Each Division winner from regular season will get $50 6 Monthly kickers $50 each (example Most RBI's in May) Champion will receive an Engraved mini bat commemorating championship as well as name engraved on Large Championship Trophy which will be passed to yearly winner. Mini Bat($50) Championship Trophy ($150 one time fee first year only)
  15. Still looking for a few quality owners to get this thing started. Join now and be a part of the Major League Division or The Sandlot Division. Email me at: