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  1. Haha make it auction. I got someone else down
  2. Looking for a $10-$50 auction drafting tonight
  3. If he’s playing once or twice a week he’s not. He played 9 games his first 30 days back last time
  4. Playoff changer? More like resting every other game with a 20 minute limit for the next month
  5. Their bodies are the reason they get paid millions. Gotta do what’s in their best interest. Teams don’t care, they’ll break a player down then dispose of them when they’re not performing
  6. I’m picking him up today. Finally dropping prince. If he has a bad game before the break I’ll probably just drop him
  7. Would you guys rather hold him or Chriss? They’re my two most frustrating players to own. Deciding which one to drop for Kyle Anderson
  8. Exactly. Mid season league winner who should be top 50 ROS
  9. Bam is the truth! Spo can’t bench this kid. Sorry whiteside, maybe you should learn how to pass and keep the offense flowing