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  1. I think all you smart guys who think Pearson is trash should drop him today. I want to pick him up. Please drop him.
  2. [...] I still think he's got the natural stuff to be really good. Patience will be needed. Looking forward to his next start to see how he bounces back.
  3. Anyone who needs pitching in a legitimate league has scooped Pearson up by now. You'll have to look elsewhere now.
  4. Everyone who owns Pearson would agree with you. I think they'll both have good careers. But, I'll take Pearson due to higher K potential.
  5. Not a coin toss anymore. Check the box score showing 0 runs. Anyway, Syndergaard and Pearson are both power pitchers that are exciting to watch. I'd like to have both. I'm rooting for Pearson to be a stud.
  6. Maybe you should pick up Felix Hernandez too.
  7. On the flip side of the coin, if Pearson strikes out 10 and doesn't give up a run then you should have made the deal. We'll see tonight.
  8. Good points too. I agree that prospect pitchers can take longer than hitters to make their impact. Dynasty/keeper leagues should definitely hang onto highly touted prospects until they're sure it isn't going to happen. For example, I held onto Alex Reyes for several years, but it just didn't pan out.
  9. Good point. It's tough to say rookie pitchers are a sure thing. Remember Forrest Whitley?
  10. Seager was overlooked at the start of this season. I suspect he's gonna have a good bounce back year and be a top 10 SS. I'd buy now especially in a keeper/dynasty league.
  11. I liked the cardboard cutouts of fans in the seats at the Mets game. I liked the fake noise too as long as they don't over do it. So far so good. Thank you MLB. The baseball games have brightened the summer COVID days.
  12. Opening day is here! And, we have 1 non-participating manager that needs to be replaced. So, we've got one team available in our 16 team ESPN H2H Keeper League (12 keepers on each team). The keepers have already been locked in and we've already drafted too. So, this would be a "try it you might like it" league. We're looking for someone who prefers playing in a keeper league and understands the importance of building up a team up over the long haul. The team available is "Philly Freak" and it has some good talent on it: P. Alonso, J. Baez, A. Meadows, Eugenie Suarez, C. Carrasco, T. Bauer, L. McCullers, and more... Check it out here: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=233620&teamId=14 This is our 4th season and we are looking for someone who wants to join a competitive yet friendly keeper league. We use GroupMe for our league chat and prefer someone who is willing to play an active part in our social group on GroupMe. Our managers enjoy the league even if they lose, and we're willing to put in the time to rebuild when necessary. We're an easy group to get to know and we always welcome newcomers because we like to trade with the new guy! It's always a plus if you have some knowledge of minor league players because building with young players works well in a keeper league like ours. Let me know if you’re interested! The $30 league fee has already been paid for 2020 so you would be playing for free this season. I can send you a copy of our League Rules/Information. Email me at brian.cudney@yahoo.com and we can discuss all the details.
  13. Devers, Harper, Strasburg, Albies, Blackmon, and then Morton.
  14. Vlad in a keeper league for sure.
  15. I prefer Richards too. He's shown he can do it in the past, so the only issue is his health. If he's 100% then he should be good to go.