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  1. The issue is that we think all lives are sacred. We think nobody should die from COVID-19. So, we all need to quarantine ourselves. That kind of logic taken to its extreme will "kill" millions of people's jobs and may cause irreparable damage economically and socially too. This isn't a one-sided situation. We should be looking at it from all sides. Hopefully, we will come up with some better strategies for dealing with viruses in the future. But right now, it appears to me that fear is ruling the day. We need better overall strategies. For example, we don't tell everyone to not drive because it has been proven that people will die in car crashes. Instead we make people reach a certain age and pass a driving test and then you get to drive. And, innocent people still die in car crashes every day. Innocent people die from viruses too. If you're scared of death then you should just stay home and quarantine yourself from everything. Eventually you will die anyway. We need to figure out how to deal with this situation from all points of view. This is a complex situation that affects many people in many different ways.
  2. Very true about Scherzer taking him awhile to learn how to pitch and not just throw. Hopefully, it doesn't take Pearson as long. I think Pearson has the stuff to be an ace.
  3. This guy was fun to watch for so many reasons.
  4. I like them both, but I'd take Glasnow first.
  5. Yes, I would definitely do that deal! It's basically 4 good players for 2 good players in your favor! Do it.
  6. I agree with this too - go James!
  7. Nate Pearson is gonna be a stud. He's a young Max Scherzer.
  8. I would take Glasnow over those 3 guys. I'm always looking for upside whenever possible. I prefer to settle only when I'm forced to.
  9. Glasnow looking really good so far in ST. Basically, if this guy stays healthy then I think he's gonna have a big year. What do you guys think?
  10. I love Adell and Wander and they should help you a lot in the future. Also, I wouldn't give up on McKay and Kopech because they have high upside SP potential. Also, Calhoun could be a nice sleeper for you too. Since it's a keep forever league then I wouldn't give away any of those 5 young guys.
  11. 16 team keeper league (keep 15 players on every team). Keep forever. Here's the trade: Darvish for Weaver straight up. Who do you want Darvish or Weaver in this trade?