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  1. Keep 8 league...thoughts on this?...decent enough offer or nah Give Goldy, Biggio, Pearson, 9th rnd pick (that's a 1st rnd in this league) Get Alonso, Franco, 12th rnd pick (that's a 4th rnd in this league) Would give me Alonso, Hiura, Vladdy, T. Turner, Soto, Bieber, Franco, Alvarez, S. Marte, K. Bryant, Syndergaard to choose my keepers from
  2. Would you do this? current group of starters is Bieber, Syndergaard (DTD), Montas, Gallen, McCullers jr., Weaver, Stroman, Cease, Pearson (NA) W, L, SV, K, GIDP, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS
  3. With these cats R, HR, RBI, AVG, OPS, SB, BB, TB, K I would get LeMathieu...My other 3B is Vladdy but I'd like to get someone to plug in place of Goldy at's a keeper league...would you do this?
  4. Tell him to get bent...he sounds like a whiny beach lol...I'm in a hockey league like that...drives me friggin crazy...I've had trades I win and trades I lose...I'm like you trading is fun...lots of jealous managers out there that ruin it...hope you end up kicking some butt and beating those clowns
  5. I like it...Thanks...any glaring weaknesses with this crew that I should address while everything is in limbo?
  6. CATS R, HR, RBI, SB BB, AVG, K, TB, OPS, W, L, SV, K, GIDP, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS 12 Team League...Keepers from last year in bold BATS Grandal, Goldschmidt, Hiura, T. Turner, Guerrero jr., S. Marte, Soto, Alvarez, K. Bryant, Biggio, A. Rosario, K. Davis, Renfroe, Cron, L. Urias, J. Rodriguez (NA) PITCHERS Bieber, Syndergaard, Montas, Gallen, Weaver, Stroman, McCullers jr., J. James, Jansen, Neris, J. Hicks (IR), Taillon (IR), Pearson (NA) Would you drop anyone for Cease or Hill?...thinking about dropping Luis Urias for Cease
  7. I dropped Kieboom for was between Kieboom and Urias for my drop...Urias won out due to 2B/SS eligibility
  8. Cole for me...always nice to have an elite arm and that Yankee lineup
  9. I know he's done for the year and not expected until 2021...he's cleared waivers...for the team in my sig...would you stash him?...since this is the "cheapest" he's ever going to be
  10. In a keeper league and going younger with Hiura...we can keep 8...12 team league...I'm trying to trade Altuve away for a pick...asking for a 2nd rnd (10th rnd since we keep 8) that too much to ask for Altuve?...I've let it be known what I am looking for but nobody is even biting...I don't think it's a crazy asking price or am I way off here?...these are my other keepers Alvarez, Vlad, Soto, Bryant, T. Turner, Hiura, S. Marte, Bieber
  11. Have 2 NA slots in this I can keep Franco in one of those