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  1. Keep 5...have Lindor, Torres, J. Ramirez, E. Jimenez, L. Robert kept from last year
  2. Which OF prospect would you rather have with these settings R, RBI, HR, SB, K, AVG, OBP
  3. Just trying to assemble the best roster I can...I'd rather be the one that has them on my roster then someone else...I think I can get a good return in areas of weakness with a top prospect if needed
  4. He is owned me lol...and I just joined this league this year...Got my sights set on Mize and J. Rodriguez...just waiting for Thor and Sale to get on the IL so I can pick them up
  5. Probably be Ray...I like the eligibility of McMahon and I got a ton of young arms...just hope now that theres a camp date Thor and Sale go IL so I can snag Mize
  6. Here's my team...12 team keep 5 R, HR, RBI, SB, K, AVG, OBP, W, SHO, SV, ER, K, HLD, WHIP, QS C - G. Sanchez/1B - J. Bell/2B - G. Torres/SS - Lindor/3B - J. Ramirez/OF - E. Jimenez, L. Robert, J. Adell/Utility - LeMahieu, DeJong/Bench - McMahon, H. Dozier SP - L. Castillo, Syndergaard, Sale, Gallen, McCullers jr., J. Urias, Ray, Pearson, Gore/RP - Hand, Kela Who goes for Franco?
  7. Thanks...I just did the move...Also just waiting for Thor and Sale to go on IL to open up 2 more bench my eyes on Mize and Franco as my 2 adds
  8. Pick up one of Adell, Carlson, Cease, Mize...leaning towards Adell or Carlson since I think my OF needs a boost...currently have Eloy and Robert from the Sox and H. Dozier as my OF...B. Lowe from TB is my drop...this is also a keeper league
  9. Keep 8 league...thoughts on this?...decent enough offer or nah Give Goldy, Biggio, Pearson, 9th rnd pick (that's a 1st rnd in this league) Get Alonso, Franco, 12th rnd pick (that's a 4th rnd in this league) Would give me Alonso, Hiura, Vladdy, T. Turner, Soto, Bieber, Franco, Alvarez, S. Marte, K. Bryant, Syndergaard to choose my keepers from
  10. Would you do this? current group of starters is Bieber, Syndergaard (DTD), Montas, Gallen, McCullers jr., Weaver, Stroman, Cease, Pearson (NA) W, L, SV, K, GIDP, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS
  11. With these cats R, HR, RBI, AVG, OPS, SB, BB, TB, K I would get LeMathieu...My other 3B is Vladdy but I'd like to get someone to plug in place of Goldy at's a keeper league...would you do this?
  12. Tell him to get bent...he sounds like a whiny beach lol...I'm in a hockey league like that...drives me friggin crazy...I've had trades I win and trades I lose...I'm like you trading is fun...lots of jealous managers out there that ruin it...hope you end up kicking some butt and beating those clowns