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  1. Losing by .01 in whip for the week just need the Mets to bring in Lugo or the Rockies to bring in Diaz to try and tie up or win my championship match...
  2. Need me some miracles as well... Go Lopez, Thornton, Chacin, Anderson, Means, and Webb. Yuck lol
  3. Teheran murdering my WHIP totally the opposite of what I needed him to do Edit: There goes the ERA too
  4. Merrifield just began the game with a 13 pitch AB culminating in a leadoff double off Teheran. Beastly.
  5. Roto’s where it’s at... off to the ship in my H2H league but it looks like I’ll be fighting for 2nd or 3rd at best in my roto league and it’s gonna come down to the very last day like usual. BOL everyone!
  6. Merrill Kelly making me look like an effing genius
  7. #1 on yahoos player rater the last week and that was before today’s game (which he’s 4/4 with a couple rbis) he’s already at 100 runs and might get to 100 rbis on the ORIOLES- this guy is a super stud
  8. I'm streaming Grichuk... Anyone bold enough to stream Happ tomorrow?
  9. if only I had looked back on this before I dropped him the first of June