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  1. Normally I'd say Go Scherzer but he's facin' my Yanks... so Go Baseball!!!!
  2. C - Carson Kelly 1B - Rhys Hoskins 2B - Ozzie Albies 3B - Jose Ramirez SS - Carlos Correa OF - Bryce Harper, Austin Meadows, Franmil Reyes, Justin Upton UTL - Khris Davis, Ryan McMahon BN - C.J. Cron, Avisail Garcia, Jean Segura, Brett Gardner SP - Yu Darvish, James Paxton, Jake Odorizzi, Andrew Heaney RP - Kirby Yates, Aroldis Chapman, Keone Kela, Seth Lugo, Sean Doolittle, Scott Oberg, Chad Green Kind of half punted SP after missing out on so many of the top guys and loaded up on relievers and bench bats. I think the projections will have me finishing last in Wins and Ks and close to the top in every other category tbh. Maybe a touch light on SBs too. Really happy I got to do another mock with you guys, thanks again @BostonCajun and @tonycpsu!
  3. I would do it. You gotta give up a lot to get the top guy in all of fantasy. This is fair and you’re not losing out too much pitching wise to make this deal. I say do it.
  4. @Mdubb23 you're OTC @meh2 you're up after him
  5. I don’t think you gave enough for him. I understand your auction values added up but it still seems like you ran away with this deal tbh.
  6. Trout and Harper are OBP beasts I’m surprised you were able to get both with these categories. Is Hoskins available?
  7. Who else is available I think it’s too soon to take any of those guys you have listed TBH
  8. If you need Anderson then absolutely. Albies > Altuve. You’re getting the best player in the deal plus filling your need
  9. I’d try Betts and Devers instead
  10. You’re giving up a little too much IMO
  11. Can't argue with you really on either point. Banking on huge upside out of these two. Don't feel terrible about either of their floors though. And where these two are rather risky picks, I think Albies and Harper are rather safe picks to balance my team out a bit.