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  1. 15, 18, 18, 19 minutes. He isn't anywhere close to 30 minutes yet and to the extent there is an upward trend it's glacial. What concerns me even more than the minutes is he isn't showing anything when he actually is on the court.
  2. Porter won't return anytime soon. Even when (if?) he does Dunn should have a role since they need his defense. The Bulls had given up on him after last year but he has redeemed himself as a defensive specialist.
  3. Is it because of his poor defense? He is the best scorer of the bunch and an excellent rebounder.
  4. Agreed. He can provide assists, steals, and elite FT % and he came at no cost. I view him as a better version of Marcus Smart (assists, steals, modest points but a much better FG %).
  5. What about when Williams returns? If Kanter can settle in at 22-24 mpg he can have value but if he is in the teens he won't outside of deep leagues.
  6. Is anyone other than Kittle going to catch a pass?
  7. Damn. I thought they do it when it is announced.