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  1. I'd stay put with Grienke and Segura. I wouldn't bank on Turner staying healthy the rest of the season
  2. To start, I know Glasnow is hurt, but could be a boost in the second half. I am debating offering Peralta for Glasnow. My OF is currently: Acuna, Trout, Meadows, with Austin Riley as my utility and Gallo about to come off the DL. So Peralta becomes the odd man out. Rather than cut one of the above, figure I could turn them into something, with Peralta being my first choice to trade. Peralta wouldn't get me a healthy Glasnow. But with him still being a month or so away, could turn out to be a good stash trade. Thoughts?
  3. I'd think either Sale or Greinke could get you Yelich in return. I think both is too steep a price
  4. If you could somehow get Trout, obviously go that route. Haha. But Bregman is a stud.
  5. I'd leave Puig for now. He should heat up, but who knows when. Reyes and Jimenez are both solid pick ups. Coin flip in my opinion.
  6. I'd make it. Harper is definitely overrated and Bryant should be an upgrade there
  7. Could use some OF upgrades of they're out there.
  8. I would absolutely trade Harper for Bregman. Question is will they accept that