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  1. Didn’t see a thread for Sheffield anywhere, surprisingly.. if one exists please merge this one with it. Making the start against TOR tonight. Was terrible in AAA this year but dominant after they demoted him to AA. AAA- 6.87 / 7.19 / 6.08 ERA/FIP/xFIP 55ip, 7.85 k/9, 6.71 bb/9 AA- 2.19 / 2.60 / 3.14 ERA/FIP/xFIP 78ip, 9.81 k/9, 2.08 bb/9 However his most recent start in AA he gave up 5ER on 5h and 2bb in 6ip with 6k. Anyone trusting this guy tonight? I know the AAA is juiced but I mean so is the MLB one..
  2. Gallen didn’t have walk issues in AAA this year shown by his 1.68 bb/9 in 91.1 innings. Weird he is walking so many guys in the bigs. His bb/9 is 4.94 between the marlins and dbacks this year after his 6 tonight.
  3. Gallen didn’t have walk issues in AAA this year shown by his 1.68 bb/9 in 91.1 innings. Weird he is walking so many guys in the bigs. His bb/9 is 4.83 between the marlins and dbacks this year.
  4. No mention of the no-no? Lol over now but still a nice game pitched for Hudson. 4 bbs is what escalated his pitch count.
  5. Is anyone concerned with his walk rate? He has a 4.18 bb/9 since his return to the rotation. 5 in one start back on August 2nd and 2 in each of his other 4 starts. K/9 is just 7.71 in that span too. His ERA looks great but is this just smoke and mirrors? SSS but in those 5 starts his xFIP is 4.60. Im just a little weary adding him, especially being in the payoffs already in my league. Not running to add either with the Cubs up next week.
  6. I can agree with you on most your points here. But many people have different opinions than you do. You can’t say that no one could say that he was gonna turn it around from his poor start. That’s just an opinion. He’s a great hitter, great hitters always have the potential to hit great lol even you said at the end of your post you expected him to turn it around. I expected it too and continued to be surprised when he wasn’t producing. I knew he was a great hitter and results had to be coming sooner or later. I’m not gonna lie, I was getting close to dropping him but I still believed in his potential. I still think my comparison to stashing a top prospect earlier was useful in this scenario. He didn’t have quite the track record of Goldy but he still had a smaller track record that showed he could produce elite numbers over the course of a season. You stash him on your bench until he gets going (equivalent to being called up). You make good points but I still disagree that he ruined teams’ entire year. It was a roadblock for sure but not something season-threatening. Now the dividends are paying off for those who are in playoffs, or fighting for playoffs, etc. Theres my opinion. Thanks
  7. That’s my dilemma. Super juicy matchups. K’s W’s WHIP ERA He can still really help in. I’m leaning towards picking him up. Just hate to see he’s been capped at 80-90 pitches lately.
  8. Jeez man, I get the sense you either traded or dropped him right before he came alive. I don’t get the animosity. It’s like 10 against 1 here. Everyone knew Jose Ramirez could produce like he is. He did it last year, he did it the year before and his numbers showed. Hell, even during his cold streak his numbers showed he was probably a little unlucky. From April1-June22: High bb% (11%), low k%(13%), low BABIP (.228), and a low hr/fb (4.4%). Thats just a random date range. He’s an elite talent with an elite skillset.
  9. Yeah, sorry I didn’t clarify that. I’m currently in the quarterfinals. My league likes to avoid the period where teams bench their stars after they clinch the postseason lol
  10. Solid start yesterday. 6ip 6ks 1bb 3er Anyone keeping him around next week? Seems very risky, next 2 starts are vs BOS and then vs LAD. Sucks to drop after how well he’s pitched but might not be worth his next couple matchups unfortunately
  11. Anyone think he’s worth it in QS leagues for next week? Seems to be in line for 2 starts vs SEA and @BAL. Has he been on a pitch limit In his recent starts? Looks like he’s went 5 or less innings in all but one start.
  12. True he could’ve ruined your team earlier In the year but that’s not necessarily the case if you benched him and held on to him. After awhile most smart owners would have benched him after his horrid start to the season. He can’t ruin a team from the bench. I just think of it like stashing a top prospect or something along those lines. Yeah he’s eating up a bench spot but the payoff later could be significant. Same if you were stashing Yordan Alvarez all year (not in an NA spot) or another top prospect such as Lux or Roberts (even though they’re likely not to be up this year). My point is you hold on to, or invest in, his upside in hopes for a significant payout at some point in future weeks. He didn’t ruin my team because I found a viable replacement for him and stayed with him on my bench until he started heating up. It’s the owners fault if they started him during his cold streak and let him ruin their season.
  13. Well this sucks. Out of nowhere too. Just as he was finding his groove once again... https://www.mlb.com/news/chris-sale-injured-list
  14. Gardner and his thing he’s been doing with banging the top of the dugout with his bat is hilarious. Ridiculous he got ejected for it today.
  15. “Twins activated RHP Michael Pineda from the 10-day injured list. Pineda will return to the Twins' starting rotation on Thursday night against the Rangers after missing around two weeks with a mild right triceps strain. The 30-year-old Pineda pitched well in his last start before going on the IL and owns a respectable 4.15 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, and 103/23 K/BB ratio in 117 total innings this season.” Well that came out of no where!