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  1. Hoping he doesn't get exposed this year...
  2. It's as if he saw this request and decided to utterly spite you with no regard for your fantasy well-being.
  3. Lucchesi >> 7Ks through 3 IP .. .jeez
  4. Just great. If Blackmon has to miss any time, you'd think they'd give a capable and already rostered player(s) the extra playing time (Dahl, Tapia). But you just know that the Rockies will do Rockies things and do what they do best by bringing back this guy, now that he's available:
  5. Not mocking you because I do believe that's an honest and fair question. However, you don't want any part of Bud Black's smoke when it comes to playing time. See threads on: - Dahl - Hampson - McMahon - Murphy - Tapia It's been a season-long cycle of mystery and bewilderment that spins itself into a wheel that even Daenarys Targaryen can't break.
  6. As a Toronto resident, can confirm. For better or for worse, this has blown over very quickly due to: (1) the city is in the midst of Raptors fever and no one realized this, which relates to ... (2) ... the majority of Jays fans in Toronto are major league bandwagoners anyways and barely have a clue what's going on with the team unless they're winning/contending. This is unlike with the Raptors and Leafs, in which fans support and pay attention through thick and thin. Of note, the Jays have a second chance of sorts, as it is "School Day" for today's game. Every year towards the end of the school year, many grade schools in Toronto bring their students to a designated afternoon game as a field trip. This will explain why the Rogers Centre may actually look like they have most of their seats filled today and can't let the kids down by sitting Vlad again.
  7. All part of my regular daily player thread viewing! Just up until a couple of weeks ago, I owned all of Dahl, Murphy and Hampson. Finally cut bait with Hampson, only to replace him with another Rockie (Tapia). The struggle is eternal.
  8. My opponent had Gurley and picked up his handcuff Kelly once Brown went down, yet I beat him to the punch and picked up CJ. While I wasn't brave enough to start CJ (started Ingram instead for safety purposes), my opponent was forced to start Kelly once Gurley was ruled out. Kelly scored 5.90 for him. CJ would've gotten him (or me) 23.20. A 17.3 point differential. I won my matchup by +10.72 points. A successful block on my part and darn proud of it!
  9. Same CJ vs Ingram dilemma. I have to decide now because i start work. Flip flopping since Gurley was ruled out. Going w the safety in Ingram.
  10. I, on the other hand, own all of Ebron, Hilton and Luck. While Hilton hit his floor, Luck and Ebron were well beneath it. I'd be more upset about this, but I still won my playoff matchup, albeit by the skin of my teeth. So I'm glad and hoping that they all bottomed out this week and bounce back next week. Have to ride or die with Ebron!
  11. My Luck + Ebron stack isn't going to get it done for me today. Have TY also but I won't complain about him.
  12. It's just about go time! Lol at so many of us that have this Williams vs Ingram dilemma. Let's do this, my brothers and sisters. Ride or die together on the Williams train. However, I may end up seeing you all later in the Vent and Rant thread with a bucket of bleach prepared.
  13. What a highly stressful and anxiety-filled pre-game Thursday! I've lost count of how many times I've refreshed/checked in on this thread as to whether or not to start this guy (between him and Ingram, yes I'm in that boat too). Between this and Jackson/Gordon on the Chargers, I don't know how much more of this I can take! Granted, if I lose this week, then my season is done and I'll be put out of this misery.