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  1. Which categories or stats you consider is more important to make my own rankings? H2H Categories League Settings: Batters : R, H, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP Pitchers: IP, W, L, SV, K, BB, ERA, WHIP, K/9 Thanks in advance,
  2. Hector Gomez (@hgomez27) on twitter: "There is a good chance of a trade between the Pirates and the Mets. The conversations are very advanced" (S. Marte).
  3. I am playing the semifinals of my league and will be tied 8-8. In the regular season I lost an 8-9 week and tied the second 8-8 against my semifinal rival. In May there was a game suspended where Mike Fiers was winning the game. The game won is not supposed to be counted in that week in May ?? (I was 3-3 in wins in that week si this is important). This is defining my tournament right now.
  4. Best Draft Pick: Donaldson (154th overall) or Voit (174th overall) Worst Draft Pick: Carrasco (34th overall) Best Add: Ketel Marte/Jorge Polanco Worst Drop: Rafael Devers Best Trade: B. Harper for C. Blackmon Worst Trade: ----
  5. I understand that we must take into account what happened last year with Eloy, the situation is very similar. Leaving the fantasy context and thinking about money, there is no reason to get Luis Robert on the team and lose a year of control, the whitesox are out of competition.
  6. Leclerc. Boston must get another RP of caliber for the closer position. I don't think it's time to do tests and less with the recent injuries of Eovaldi.
  7. Yes, I have read the previous pages but there was no answer that explained why the hard% is so low or is definitely because of bunts?
  8. He's hitting better lately. Yesterday I took him from FA but his metrics scare, the hard% is very low, why is it?
  9. Lorenzo Cain, Victor Robles or A J Pollock?
  10. Thanks Kirby for the comment. I took Perez yerterday for today's game.
  11. I would prefer the A. Machado, J. Ramirez and Benintendi I trust that they will improve in the second half but Tatis Jr. will have a setback according to his metrics.