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  1. Of your remaining options, I'd keep only Mercado for his SB upside. Schwarber and Moustakas should be cheaper at market value than at your current keeper values. Lynn is not worth much, and Dozier is a dime-a-dozen kind of player, almost completely interchangeable with the Justin Smoaks of the world who are always on the waiver wire.
  2. Are you really telling me not to keep Walker Buehler for $11? Hard to see any rationale for such a decision, but I appreciate the input.
  3. I'm with the consensus for Eloy. He's a more versatile player in my opinion - I'd choose him even if the costs were equal, which they aren't in your case.
  4. In my league, we keep up to five players, each controllable for up to three additional years after the year in which they were drafted. Each year you keep a guy, he costs $5 more than the previous year. I've got seven great keeper candidates and I need to narrow them down to the five I'll actually keep. We play H2H weekly matchups with daily lineup adjustments. We use 6x6 scoring with AVG, HR, R, RBI, OPS, SB; ERA, WHIP, QS, SV, HD, K. Here are the seven in contention, with cost for 2020 and remaining years of control. Christian Yelich: $45, 2 years Anthony Rendon: $35, 3 years Ketel Marte: $6, 3 years Matt Olson: $6, 3 years Jorge Soler: $6, 3 years Walker Buehler, $11, 2 years Luis Castillo, $16, 3 years The sure keepers here seem to be Yelich, Marte, and Buehler. Out of Olson, Soler, Castillo, and Rendon, which other two should I keep?
  5. It seems like pure folly to me to think that there are 19 guys one would rather have than Rendon entering next season. To me, he's a borderline top five pick, and very likely top ten. Yelich, Trout, Bellinger, and Acuna are the only four I'd place clearly above him. I think he's in the next tier with Freeman, Arenado, Turner, Betts, Lindor, Bregman, and Soto, and you can make a case for Rendon as the best of that group. He should go long before pick 20 in almost every league.
  6. Yeah, it seems to be fixed now. Still, very frustrating and a major problem for fantasy managers who have to make their changes before work because their jobs don't let them spend all day messing around on the internet like mine does.
  7. ESPN not allowing lineup changes this morning. I make the move, and get an error message that says "Transaction cannot be executed by this host. Try again." WTF?! How are they so bad at this?
  8. Is there going to be any baseball in New York today?
  9. As a Brewers fan, I seriously can't see them sending Hiura back down again. Not only is he their second best hitter right now, but it's crucial for his development to be seeing major league pitching every day. Stearns may have badly misjudged their pitching this year, but he's smart enough to realize that the team's future depends on Hiura developing as best he can. There's also a steadily rising probability that the Brewers realize they're going nowhere this year, trade Moustakas, and ride out the rest of the season with Shaw at 3B and Hiura at 2B.
  10. Lyles just had a total meltdown down two outs away from the QS. GRRRRRRRRR.
  11. He's pitching in gradually higher leverage situations, and he's pitching well despite giving up a few ERs. The velocity is back and so is his swagger on the mound. I expect him to get a decent number of save opportunities starting in June, though I don't think Counsell will completely revert to last season's roles. He will do his best to avoid using Hader on consecutive days, and that's where Jeffress might get some chances.
  12. I don't even care about steals anymore, I just want him to get a hit every now and then!
  13. Yelich bomb, totally crushed. His swing is just incredible.
  14. Yep, this is brutal. He has 7 hits in the last 15 days. What is wrong with him? I've owned him many times, can never remember a slump anywhere close to this bad.
  15. So the early homers were nice, but he's hitting .133(!) over the last 15 days. This must be one of the worst slumps of his career. What's going on? Just a bad stretch, or something to be concerned about?