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  1. I can keep Hiura, Bichette, and Robert next year as well. Buehler, Bieber, and Villar just this year. I replied in your thread.
  2. I'd go with Bogaerts. Although I'm pretty high on Torres as well. Thanks for help with mine.
  3. Thank you for help with mine. C Smith, Gore, Devers.
  4. I responded. Thank you for your help!
  5. Thank you for help with mine. I had already responded in your thread. I think with the new injury with Yordan, I'd go Alonso. Plus like others have said, you already have 2 OFs.
  6. It's hard as it is to win with the line up you draft...haha! Interesting concept though.
  7. If SP is more valuable in your league, keep Paddack. It's a push otherwise.
  8. Lindor is the best player but at best value in Round 2? The question is not about the best player. Devers in Round 12 is the best value. In fact, that's a great value for Devers!