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  1. His contact rate would be such that he doesn't have to have THAT much power to hit 30 HR's. If you aren't striking out you are going to have many more chances to have balls go over the fence.
  2. It was pretty clear I wasn’t implying you said it. I was clarifying my response to his post based on your response. That’s how multiple person conversations sometimes work. But whatever. Anyway, do I actually think this season he would hit 30? No. That’s why I said “somewhat hyperbole”. But I think he could get close if the Rays wanted to push him up 2 levels this year and he had a full season next year in the majors. Not that that will happen. Players typically hit more homers as they advance these days. Juice ball etc. Soto had a 30 HR pace last year and look at his minor league HR numbers
  3. Ah, so by “no one” you meant only you. Just admit you missed it lol
  4. Please follow along the entire conversation. The poster did say that.
  5. My point was more that it makes no sense to not be bought in on the 30 HR power when you consider his season pace and how HR's actually increase in the majors from the minors, and of course that he just turned freaking 18. If you aren't bought in on the 30 HR power then you just aren't bought in on him for some reason. It's hard to envision a scenario where he's fully developed and hits .300 with only 20 HR over a full season. Doesn't make sense to think everything else is legit just not the HR power.
  6. ???? He's on pace to hit 18 HR's at age 18 in low A ball. He could probably hit 30 homers now in the juiced ball MLB (somewhat hyperbole)
  7. No, the issue is 100% whether he will get hot or turn it around in general. The past is the past and not changing. Your first round pick is a sunk cost and where you drafted him should not matter in any decision at this point (unless it’s a keeper league where that matters in the future). The only part in your analysis the past 2 months should play is predictive.
  8. Was it a “but for cause”? Yes. But a lot of things were. Proximate cause is much different. To pull out more legalese, it wasn’t a “harm within the risk” of Segura’s actions, and therefore not the proximate cause. You can’t foresee someone getting hurt because someone doesn’t hustle. It’s just as likely that a player hustling could cause another to get hurt. It was just bad luck.
  9. and the 2 years before last year.... [...]
  10. The difference is Machado will be in his last year of his contract and Harper and Trout will be closer to the end. Reds have Votto through 2024
  11. Was this actually reported anywhere? You’d think they want him pitching full games before playoffs start to get him in groove
  12. How legit of a runner is he? In 251 AB's he has 8 SB's. Is he a 20-25 SB guy if he plays full time? That plus his homers plus playing with Mike Trout may is a great combo.
  13. Another homer. Gonna get over 20 with less than 300 AB’s
  14. How so? Look at Ohtani's batted ball numbers compared to Pederson. Ohtani's are in the elite category, he just needs to lower strikeouts. It's also his first year in majors and he was trying to pitch the first half of season too and has never really been able to focus on hitting. Last month (47 AB's) he's batting .347, 1.127 OPS. 6 homers. His swing is beautiful.
  15. Maybe he should just give up pitching.... 4-4 with 2 homers and a stolen base tonight. Guy could be an top 5 caliber hitter if he focused on it. He could save his arm till he’s older and pitch till he’s 40 once he’s through with his prime hitting