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  1. 0.5 PPR 10 owner So my dilemma this week is that with Engram out (and on a bye next week regardless of health), I need a tight end and I can’t afford to lose these next two weeks. Williams was dropped earlier when it looked like he had no fantasy relevance in the KC offense, so I was able to pick him up when he had his big game last week. Otherwise I have Samuels (who I am tentatively planning on starting this week) and Murray (whose role is largely uncertain) who could be drops. 10 owner leagues are tough... Who would you drop first of the 3?
  2. 0.5 PPR Between Brown, Ekeler, Gordon, and Freeman, who would you start at RB2 and Flex this week in half PPR? Right now I am leaning towards the chargers guys, but Brown could put himself over one of them if the game script is in his favor. Thanks!
  3. I wouldn't worry about Malcolm since you aren't the Gurley owner. Malcolm won't be getting 100% of the goal line work going forward, so he won't really be playable unless/until Gurley goes down. I think McLauren would be my top priority honestly, although I have faith in OJ being a stud. If you are feeling skeptical, Walker would also be a great add and I wouldn't have anything against trying for him first. If Mixon is hurt then Gio moves up to #1 easily, but even then it could just be a 1 week start.
  4. 10 team league is shallow of course, but Dak looked great and Cam looked abysmal. I am not ~legitimately~ worried about Cam, but I think there is a shot that Dak is just the better play this year. I could try to get Dak and bypass the rookie WRs that everyone will be going for, or I can join the rat race and hope that Dak falls through the cracks since everyone already has a QB or two. What do you think should be my priority?
  5. I really do like that trade for you. Two notable RB upgrades and it only costs you a slight downgrade at WR where you have the depth to play with it, and you don't have to worry about the injury headache.
  6. Honestly I think I would prefer Watkins. Edelman is a volume guy, and AB and Gordon are definitely going to be cutting into that volume this year. Watkins is a matchup winner as long as Hill is out.
  7. Right, I would agree with you about needing an upgrade. But I am confident riding Ekeler for now, and my concern is that Melvin will come back in week 6 or whenever and suddenly I won't even have Ekeler anymore. Worrying about 1 starting RB spot is a lot more manageable than worrying about 2.
  8. Team in sig. I am a bit worried about my RB situation (Kerryon, Freeman), but Ekeler looks like a real saving grace. I am considering making an offer for Melvin just so I can feel confident that I will have an RB1 between Ekeler and Gordon throughout the season. Would you trade any of Lockett, Tyrell, Singletary, or Duke for him? Lockett's targets worry me (half PPR). Tyrell looked good but maybe that's what I need to capitalize on for a trade. Singletary is a lottery ticket for late in the season who may or may not work out to be relevant for a 10 teamer. Duke is gonna be relevant, but probably not moreso than a low-end RB2 as long as Hyde is around. What do you think?
  9. I would probably drop Richard and McDonald for Hock and either Hollywood or John Brown.
  10. Hey guys, my team is in the sig. Obviously it is a shallow league for some of these guys to be available, which makes the decision a bit trickier for me. I honestly don't expect to get Hollywood or Hock since I have the 5th waiver claim and I think the hype will likely have them going long before I get the chance, but who knows. Also I am sitting pretty with Engram at TE, so I don't think Hock would be so much of a need for me anyway. I am still feeling pretty confident about Cam as my QB, especially in a shallow league where worst case scenario there should be options on the WW, but Dak looked unreal in the first week and I am very tempted to lock him up as someone who could very potentially overtake Cam as my starter. Also Gio is on waivers, and RB does seem to be my bigger need assuming Adams and Juju get their s--- together going forward, but I personally am assuming that Gio would just be a one week replacement whilst Hollywood or John Brown could be more permanent fixtures if everything falls right. My plan right now is to drop Hyde and Hill- I really just nabbed Hyde to make sure I felt confident in Duke after watching how the Texans handled their backfield in week 1. So Ideally I could maybe scoop up a WR as well as Dak? Or maybe a WR and Gio? Or Gio and Dak? Lol realistically my choice will be made for me by whoever gets scooped up before my turn, but I still would like to have my priorities in the correct order. What do you think?
  11. Is there any confirmation if/when he is getting another start? Does Paddack’s quick return murky up his shot at a spot in the rotation?
  12. I wouldn't expect him to sit against every lefty after the recent roster moves (Kemp gone, Schebler demoted). He might only start against a couple of them though. Regardless I like Winker a lot more than Mancini as a player, so I don't know which one I would prefer to start for the week.
  13. 12 Team Daily H2H Points League REDRAFT Hey guys, I currently have both Kieboom and Lowe in this league, and with players coming back off of the IL I will have to drop one of them. Obviously neither of them has really lit the world on fire yet, but they are very talented players who could be impactful fantasy options. It is a points league, so it penalizes strikeouts, which has me leaning more towards Lowe in spite of Kieboom's higher prospect pedigree. That combined with Lowe having more guaranteed longevity, as I would be worried that Kieboom might be going back down if he fails to hit by the time that Turner comes back. Am I understating Kieboom's potential compared to Lowe? Positional eligibility doesn't really matter to me (I have Rizzo, Santana, Bregman, and Tatis already for 1B and SS). Thank you for your help!
  14. I think there are a few reasons for him being a bit lower on the prospect rankings. For one, he didn't have the same pedigree as guys like Honeywell and Brandon Lowe in their system. He wasn't really that phenomenal until 2018, and that was due to him making adjustments to his swing to get more barreled balls and significantly more power. Going into last year he was much lower ranked on prospect lists. And of course, he isn't great defensively, so that has to play its part. Otherwise, the dude is probably the best non-Wander pure hitting Rays prospect.