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  1. Does Jacobs have competition? He looks pretty impressive but jw.
  2. My heart.... I was down 70+ coming in to Monday night. Currently down by less than a point. I had Watson, Hopkins and Fuller. I have Waller right now. He had Jared Cook and Kaimi Fairbairn. He has Denver Broncos DEF. I was projected to lose 1% to 99%. THIS IS WHY I PLAY FANTASY FOOTBALL. I'm down 121.03 to 121.82. LET'S GO RAIDERS??
  3. I think Lockett or brieda. Leaning toward Lockett for a solid floor flex. Don’t want any part of KC RB situation (especially against JAX dline) until it clears up unfortunately. I have shady too Breida has a higher ceiling so if u need the all or nothing I would go him!
  4. Just added the hype man. My only concern is the influx of new receivers (WR1-3) and RB. I guess we will see how week 1 goes. All blurbs point to his success
  5. So 1 for Fuller, 1 for Shepard. Yeah, I'm looking to trade Rodgers for an RB2.. no one is budging. Responded to both your posts.
  6. That's a pretty even trade. I would go with the former (unbolded trade) as I believe Flash with Brady is going to be nuts. I guess its a pick your poison, but one thing I would caution is dropping Pettis. He may be very valuable in one of your bye weeks.
  7. I’m a talent favored guy myself, so I would take Mixon for those two for sure. You are bound to find someone on the waiver wire who may replicate one of their numbers.
  8. Team is below... Feel like I need to make the right call even more now with Cohen's interesting performance. 12 Team 0.5 PPR League: QB - D. Watson 2RB - Fournette, T. Cohen 2WR - D. Hopkins, A. Brown TE - D. Walker FLEX (RB/TE/WR) - X K - Boswell DEF - Bills Bench: A. Rodgers, Fuller, Gallup, Shepard, McCoy, G. Tate, Texans DEF
  9. I agree with this sentiment. Even after one game (GB-CHI) there are some viable candidates who may be worth saving for the wire. Do you think anyone else would rush for Jameis?
  10. I think the fact that its the first game of a season with many hyped up comments from Nagy about Montgomery... and then we see this odd usage of Davis vs. Monty. It seems like there is a love for Davis that may be intangible (good team player, idk). He's not bad, but Monty is clearly more talented.
  11. I would say its a combination of both. Trubisky seemed to only look at one side of the field on some plays (I mean staring down for 2-3 seconds) which led to broken passes/picks. Also that offensive scheme was pretty rough. That being said, the versatility GB had in pass rush while handling 3 RB was impressive. I would caution though against GB cornerbacks... Tramon Williams had some pretty out there PIs and they were getting lit up by Allen Robinson. Imagine it being a better WR1... My 2cents.
  12. His elusivity was scary good. Was Jordan Howard comparable or is Montgomery miles ahead? Just curious because Cohen seems to stay while the others crowd around him.
  13. I am more shocked that Tarik Cohen had 10 targets and no rushing attempts. Wes Welker like. Aside from that botched shovel in the first play of course.
  14. As Title states, I'm looking for a fun/competitive atmosphere for fantasy baseball. Dynasty is fine too.