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  1. Sooooooo who is the tough guy without the mask?
  2. If I recall, he got absolutely obliterated quite a few games in the regular season as well. It may have been due to the injury but I’m not feeling warm and fuzzy about him this year.
  3. Ever is a long time but the Buccos would like to have a word with you about the last 25 years!
  4. In Pittsburgh the mental stuff was always his issue. The Astros are a great hitting team and know that they only have 2 pitches to deal with. They already had Snell warming up. Why not bring him in before it got too out of control?
  5. Maybe it’s just me but I would have pulled Glasnow at 3-0.
  6. This torrid stretch has made me rethink my entire strategy in my keeper league.
  7. Neither one throws anything remotely hittable. It must be tough being an Astros fan.
  8. Any speculation on the prognosis for next year given this injury (and recent injuries)? We looking at top 5 outlook for next year or top 15?
  9. lol right on. but this can probably be said for about 90% of the starting pitchers this year (including guys who were supposed to be studs like Sale, Bauer, Snell, etc.)
  10. Yup I liked his 2 start schedule this week and I really didn't have many better options. He should hopefully be ok.
  11. Hendricks baby! Need you to at least match Nola.
  12. I wonder how people feel about him as a keeper now? He's been pretty bad lately.
  13. I dunno. Maybe the other catcher who gets a minimum of 50% load?
  14. Yet the Twins will keep playing him 1 every 3 games. Genius!
  15. Rolling him out in my playoff matchup but not confidently by any means.
  16. Not sure but Hand needs like a week or two off. They need him to get it together for a playoff run and putting him in now is only damaging is psyche more.
  17. Hand has been ruining WHIPs and ERAs for a while now. He's a pumpkin. Cleveland has no chance in the playoffs with that guy closing.
  18. Cleveland manager is such a moron. Anyone can see that Hand has mentally lost it. Yet he's still keeping him in the game knowing full well that he's about to blow it.
  19. But by all means keep Hand in there and let him blow another critical game you maroon.
  20. Hand is gonna blow another epic lead. I thought he had gotten back some confidence but he seems to have lost it.
  21. At least Soroka got you a win and buehler should get the win (silver lining)
  22. The poster seemed to imply that the sudden issues with defense was related to the DH. The DH has been in place for 46 years. I don't think the DH is the cause for any recent deficiencies in defense around the league. I wasn't really trying to get into a debate about the merits of DH. I agree it's not the place for that discussion.
  23. The DH has been in place forever. And all of a sudden it’s ruining baseball?