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  1. That was when Statcast was put into place. Honest question: not many pitchers in history have thrown 102.8 mph. May that have been the fastest pitch ever to have been hit for a homer? Can anyone think of another pitcher from before 2008 that throws that hard?
  2. Here in person for it. Probably the loudest hit I've heard in person. He crushed it. He's going to be a beast. Buy, buy, buy!!!
  3. James Paxton was traded twice in my league. Now in both cases, the owner that traded for him has been burned by an injury. When both owners were complaining about it, my response was, "What did you expect?" Paxton will always fall into the avoid column for me unless the price is super cheap. The ace potential is not worth it if he is unreliable, especially in H2H leagues.
  4. I feel the exact same way. I'm having a hard time remembering just one start where he dominated this year. For the remainder of the season (assuming he returns), I'd rather take my chances with guys like Peacock and Folty who have shown some sort of upside rather than just another blah start.
  5. At least the loss and runs went to Francisco Liriano. I'm holding. He's a unique talent that is unhittable when it's working right. He went through a down spell before, and I imagine he will work out of this funk too. I can't quit him.
  6. It looks like Lindor is getting out of his funk. In his last 13 games he's slashing .370/.424/.611 with 4 hrs and 3 sb.
  7. Just bumping this thread to express my admiration for Paul Goldschmidt. Such a fun own. Two home runs today. One of those homers was hit outside Wrigley. First Second
  8. I found it encouraging that he led off against lefty Jon Lester yesterday. Other than that, Peralta had been pretty quiet recently.
  9. You are right. I was working off old/bad information. It looks like Roark is going on Friday, but the weekend is one big question mark.
  10. Devers has moved up to 5th in the lineup. It really hasn't been mentioned anywhere because the game was so nuts, but he was a key part of last night's comebacks: he walked to kick off the 5 run rally earlier in the game and was able to leg out an infield single in the bottom of the 9th to keep the Sox alive. He's a really likeable player.
  11. He's scheduled for Monday. Here's the rotation: Wed: at MIA - AJ Cole Thu: Off Fri: at Chi - Strasburg Sat: at Chi - Roark Sun: at Chi - Gonzalez Mon: vs Mia - Scherzer The off day messes everything up.
  12. Has anyone heard if his next start will be pushed up due to his light workload and supposed minor nature of the injury?
  13. One less arm for the bullpen. Therefore, relievers may need to appear more often.
  14. You cannot handle what he went through with more class and dignity. I can't imagine what he went through (e.g., public shaming, death threats, etc.). That statement was the only time I have heard of him ever addressing the matter. It probably will be the last time he makes a public statement. It's likely that he would never do it, but he should make an appearance to throw out a first pitch or sing take me out to the ball game. The ovation he would get would be insane. Kudos to the Cubs organization for trying to make amens.
  15. Make that 4-4. He had a bloop RBI single with an 0-2 count. Pretty impressive.
  16. Against the Phillies? Why can't these pitchers ever be predictable?
  17. I have no idea how to read this situation. He's been listed as the starter for Monday all week. Given his limited workload on Monday, I figured he'd pitch a couple of innings this weekend. I was not expecting 4 IP and 64 pitches. And then there is this: I suppose yesterday's outing will affect his pitching status for Monday. But, who knows going forward. I will not make any roster decisions/moves until this rotation and bullpen situation are sorted out.
  18. I just think we are all trying to figure out if he is turning a corner or not. Is the purpose of this forum to analyze performance or is it to just bitch and complain about players?
  19. Here's the data: Classified as a lucky hit, but I'm still taking it. Baby steps.
  20. Hinch has said no way to a six man rotation as it adds additional stress to the bullpen. I'm hoping it is Fiers, but Peacock has the experience. My fingers are crossed.
  21. I'm not sure what else Folty has to do to get your attention. In his last ten, he's: 6W 60K 3.30ERA 23.1k% 9.2bb% In those 10 games included 2 vs ARI, 2 WAS, 1 LAD. Only once did he give up greater than 3 runs (at Was when he gave up 8). He had another gem last night. He did this to Paul Goldschmidt: Filthy. Additionally, he still had velocity despite a high pitch count. Outside of some composure issues, it looks like Folty is becoming the real deal.
  22. I like it. Low pressure and likely to see better pitches with Mookie batting behind him.
  23. I know it's all anecdotal and observational, but he seemed a little more comfortable in his at bats yesterday. He crushed one that was foul by a few feet (that AB resulted in a ground out to third). I'm really just reaching for any positive news at this point with Donaldson.