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  1. This will obviously become the first 8 man rotation. No one deserves a demotion.
  2. Agreed. The A's and Yankees are perfect trading partners. Sonny Gray and Alonso fill big needs for the Yanks, and the Yankees farm system is stocked. However, I am not certain that Cashman would be willing to give up the talent that Beane would command for those two players.
  3. I do recall during his near no-hit bid the beat writer saying that Max only "feels it" after 120 pitches. He's done that number few times lately.
  4. Within two hours. This place is both the best and the worst.
  5. He's going to be hitless either way. It might as well be on the bench.
  6. I definitely agree with this. It was a low pressure spot to build up endurance. He was at 80 pitches through six innings. It made perfect sense especially to save the bullpen in a blow out. While there were a couple of hard hit balls, there also was some bad luck he had to deal with in that inning. He had a hard time with Markakis all night and that's when the rally started. That being said, he continues to impress.
  7. He wasn't in the starting lineup, but it didn't matter. He still homered. A pinch hit home run was his 14th of the year.
  8. An Independence Day surprise: Ramos is batting cleanup today against Jon Lester and the Cubs.
  9. He's 12th in my points based league. In a 14 team league, that's 1st round value. If you are telling me he's struggling, then I can't wait to see where he'll be when he gets hot.
  10. I can see the utility of carrying more than one catcher, but agree it's league specific. I'm in a 14 team league, but it's with weekly lineups. Bench is only six players with 2 DL spots. I have Britton, E-Rod, Morton, and formally Ramos on that bench. Roster space is limited. My plan was to hold Avila as insurance until I knew Ramos was healthy. But I ended up cutting Avila pretty much as soon as Ramos was activated. I would not use Avila in a utility spot because he wouldn't be playing throughout the week, and there is no option to rotate him in when Ramos is resting. In my league, the average player on waivers is better than your average 2nd catcher option. When you have a catcher like Ramos that doesn't platoon and plays most days, the advantage of keeping a second catcher in my format is reduced.
  11. Folty pitched stellar vs. the A's tonight. He took a no-hitter into the ninth but proceeded to give up a solo shot before being lifted. Final line in the win: 8.0 IP 1H 1ER 4BB 8K 119 Pitches He seems to finally be putting it together. I'm still terrified to start him vs Washington next week though.
  12. He's wearing a knee brace now which I am sure will take some time to get used to. With all the issues with his knee, I'm surprised that he wasn't wearing on already.
  13. I traded Dickerson for deGrom in a points league. I am currently sitting in first by a game. The trade deadline was this week and there was a ton of pitchers that went to two teams right on my heals. I felt like I needed to do something just so I'd be able to match the pitching in a playoff series. It's a keeper league and Dickerson can be held over for the minimum next year. I think I was able to sell him high. Gives me a top 3 of Scherzer, deGrom and Cueto. That'll do.
  14. Just looking at the box score after two innings 2ks 3bbs 56 pitches of which only 25 were strikes. That looks.... rusty. I still think they rushed him back.
  15. Can we please move the holds conversation to a general baseball rules discussion thread or something?
  16. He went on to say that he had his worst line but his best stuff. It sounds like these hits would have been outs at the MLB level.
  17. This is old, but posting some Devenski filth to get this thread back on track.
  18. I'm hard pressed to start most people against the Yankees, and I definitely will be sitting him this week. Next week, he is lined up for a road game vs the Rockies. I'm not going to be comfortable taking that risk. So, he will be a forced bench player for me for at least 3 starts. That should be a good opportunity to evaluate what he's got. The thing with him has never been stuff, it's been command. If he has figured that part out, his ceiling is high.
  19. Baseball rules are weird. The only thing I see that may disqualify the hold stat was that in the 5th inning, the game was not a save situation.
  20. An explanation Hopefully Donaldson is right that he'll be back on Friday.
  21. As suspected: 5-8 5R 2RBI 2BB 1HR And he missed out on a double/triple due to Cargo making an incredible play. He still has one more righty to face today at Coors.
  22. He's in the lineup, leading off tonight. My heart could have gone without that top of the 7th last night. It was like the injury version of Final Destination.