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  1. IMO, he won't be leaving the rotation for the rest of the year. He was named as a replacement to Fiers before the glut of injuries forced Fiers back into the rotation. Outside of one start, he's pitched very well. His game log includes one start where he was working off short rest and couldn't go as deep. Still, he was one bad CB Bucknor call from going five innings there. His stuff had been in hittable at times. I think he's earned the job.
  2. I found this article. He may be a man caught between two different approaches. CLEVELAND INDIANS Francisco Lindor trying to find way out of first career slump
  3. I was at the game last night and he absolutely crushed that ball. It's definitely the farthest hit homer that I've seen in person. Later on in the game, I chatted with a security officer who showed me where the ball ended up landing (past the bridge and hit the stadium exit). It's crazy to see how far 467 feet is from home plate. I'm not sure if he will be put it all together, but he's really, really strong.
  4. Between Hedges and Zunino, there are already a lot of catchers that can hit homers and strike out.
  5. Folty did face Washington earlier this year. He went 7 innings, 2 ER, 4 BB, and 3 Ks. Still, I'm not confident to roll him out there for this week. Even with the 2nd start vs Miami. I hope I'm wrong and he continues to roll.
  6. Based upon what I read, he's fully healthy, in great shape (lost 20 lbs), and he's not pressing anymore to impress his new teamates. It's hard to remember sometimes that these players are just humans and this is a very mental game.
  7. Sorry to bump but this thread again, but this gif is an A+
  8. Like I said, he has no command. He's missing his target tonight, badly. I will be giving him a mulligan for tonight's outing. While they are the Angels, they still are professional hitters that can take advantage of a pitcher's bad night. I still believe in the new slider and will be rostering.
  9. He has no command tonight. Balls going everywhere but in the zone. Third base ump did rob him of a check swing for a strike out though. But that was the only positive thus far. My guess is we will see Devinski in an extended outing tonight.
  10. He pretty much always sits vs leftys (just 11 pa in 2017). So you'll need to monitor the schedule and plug accordingly.
  11. Why doesn't Alonso bat 3rd in the A's lineup? I know Lowrie is having a good year, but Alonso is clearly their best hitter.
  12. Additionally, two of those runs scored after he was out of the game. No one has mentioned that anywhere and I think it's relevant. I am excited about his potential once he's stretched out.
  13. Per Buster Onley, getting called up today. Not sure for how long or what capacity.
  14. I claimed him last night off the waiver wire. I am plugging him in the line up immediately. I like his chances in a two start week that features a tired Twins team and a Texas team that strikes out a lot.
  15. Now it's appropriate as he hits the DL, same old Charlie Morton.
  16. I'm not dropping. I will say that he was a bit at the mercy of the batted ball last night. Bergman couldn't handle a hard hit ball by Iglesias which resulted in a double. Then Kinsler had a soft single right up the middle and was able to advance to second on the throw home. That made it 2nd and 3rd with no outs. He got a ground out from Avila with the infield in that Altuve/Gurriel fumbled around with. A few feet to to left or right and Iglesias doesn't score. So a bit of tough luck with where the balls were hit and the defensive positioning. Still, it was weird to see him pitch without any strikeouts.
  17. This basically sums up Charlie Morton's year. When will the numbers catch up, if ever?
  18. From @jakemkaplan, Astros beat writer on twitter. Feels about right. Charlie Morton ERA by inning 1st: 3.00 2nd: 0.00 3rd: 1.00 4th: 2.00 5th: 13.00 6th: 7.71
  19. He's started his rehab. He was 2/3 with a walk last night. I am more inclined to believe this report. Donaldson is in my starting lineup for next week.
  20. The first inning reactions were hilarious. Dickerson is one of the hottest hitters on the planet right now.
  21. Mookie did ok last year. I suppose you sacrifice men on base for at bats.
  22. This is speculation on my part, but maybe Hinch was limiting his innings a bit due to a heavy workload in April?