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  1. A lot of his usage may be dictated by the game situation. This is all based off my recollection, but I don't think there has been the opportunities to use him in extended relief appearances this week. Seems like Hinch likes him when it's tied or when they're up by a run or two later in the game. Hasn't been the case this week. Plus, Houston starters have been working longer. I expect he'll be used more in the coming week as Keuchel will be missing his start.
  2. Next week, six of seven matchups are vs. RHP. Three games at home vs the White Sox, four games at the Brewers. He's a definite start for me in H2H. Please just stay healthy.
  3. He maybe getting back on track. In his last three games: 6/13, 2 doubles, home run and 3 RBIs. I'm pretty new to this board, but it seems like people freak out when players go on little cold streaks. It's a long season. Those are going to happen.
  4. I declined a Berrios for Glasnow trade straight up before any pitches were thrown this year. I always loved Berrios but just didn't know the timing for his call up. I was also encouraged by Glasnow's spring, upside, and the fact he was in the majors. It didn't take long to regret that decision, especially tonight.
  5. That's odd, it was initially ruled as unearned and they changed it to earned. I'm as confused as you. Without the error, Utley wouldn't have been on base. I'm not sure if the wild pitch changes anything.
  6. What's up with the scheduling this year? Cueto has had to face the Dodgers in three of last five outings. When he's not playing the Dodgers, he's playing the Reds. I know the schedules are un-balanced but this seems too concentrated. is anyone else noticing this?
  7. Those were for instances, realizing there are different league types. Reynolds, Alonso, and Gallo were all on the waiver wire at some point in my league.
  8. Ah yes, Jose Martinez, the latest Cuban pitching import. I hear he touches 99 and has a wicked curveball. Seriously though, he seems really close to putting it all together.
  9. I'm in a h2h and this performance hurt but didn't sink me. The Yanks are a tough matchup and I'm willing to give him a mulligan.
  10. Our long national nightmare is finally over.
  11. I hope whatever he ate was worth it. I can't remember a year where the flu or stomach illnesses had such an impact.
  12. I get all of that, but he was pretty much at his career best for homers in a season last week after winning player of the week honors. If he truly is just a ww phenomenon, that would have been the time to pick him up. Like anything else, there is tender balance on deciding to be in the wait and see crowd or to be aggressive in early season pick ups. It's likely that those waiting for more proof missed out on Alonso, Gallo, Judge, Thames and Reynolds. These guys comprise 5 of the 8 leaders in homers at this point. That includes myself, who only has one of those names. It's tough to make that choice sometimes.
  13. I'm sure it's been mentioned here before. It takes 10 games to gain position eligibility in ESPN. I believe most other platforms, the number of games is 5. A guy like Hernan Perez earned shortstop eligibility last week, and only needs 4 more games at 2nd base to earn that eligibility in Yahoo. In ESPN he needs 4 more appearances at short and 9 more at second. By the time he gets that (if ever), the season will be close to over. It would be nice if we could use these types of players in the same manner the real life teams do.
  14. Wow, he was still available in your league until last night? Is it a super shallow league?
  15. It's probably a safe assumption that I made a mistake when I declined that Berrios for Glasnow trade that was proposed to me before one pitch was thrown this season. Whoops.
  16. There sort of is. Win Probability Added (WPA) measures how much a pitchers actions contribute or deter from the teams odds of winning. Fan graphs - WPA Here is the RP WPA leaderboard now: 01. Greg Holland - 2.03 02. Wade Davis - 1.45 03. Andrew Miller - 1.40 04. Craig Kimbrell - 1.39 05. Ras Iglesias - 1.39 06. Cody Allen - 1.15 07. Addison Reed - 1.02 08. Brandon Kintzler - 1.01 09. Tony Watson - 1.00 10. Corey Knebal - 1.00 11. Chris Devenski - 1.00
  17. Another stat proving Kershaw is amazing: In 2017, Kershaw has not yet faced a batter with the count being 3-0.
  18. I had read after his most recent start against the Dodgers that he was dealing with a blister on one of his fingers on his pitching hand. His velocity, particularly on his fastball, was a few mph slower. In that game, his velocity began to creep back up to normal. I wasn't able to watch the last game against the Reds, but it appeared that he pitched pretty well outside having to deal with his team's fielding errors. Overall, he has pitched pretty well, but has run into big innings that have sabatoged his outings. I remain hopeful that the issues were entirely related to that blister.
  19. I have been keeping an eye on him since Eno's article and snagged him off the waiver wire tonight. I was really surprised that he was still there as he has been on fire the past week. I'm looking forward to see if he can keep this up. I agree that it's a drag he only qualifies at 1st. But, if he does it will provide flexibility to trade higher profile guys.
  20. Batting 6th today vs. Seattle (Overton, LHP)
  21. Eugenio hit his 7th double and 7th home run tonight. He is batting .337 with an OPS of 1.056. This looks like it's going to stick.
  22. Zach Britton just demonstrated why it is better to be fully healthy than to rush back to help the team (if you believe Britton's commentary that it's not something more serious).
  23. I watched this start and Folty had no command from the start of the first inning. He was wildly missing on his location. He had indicated as much in his post game interview: “Just going out there first and second inning I knew I didn’t have my stuff today,” said Foltynewicz, who had two walks and four strikeouts. “So I knew I was going to have to battle all day pretty much. I couldn’t get (the ball) down. I just left all my pitches up.” AJC.com I'm hoping this game is an outlier, but he is back outside the circle of trust.