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  1. 15MPH winds straight out, the first hot and humid day of the year in DC.I'm not touching this one.When the afternoon storms start popping up the ball wants to leave the park.I'd stream any Nats hitters available.
  2. I loved him last year when Freeman was hurt and he was playing most of the time.With the Eaton news and ZImm's frailty,I grabbed for spec.
  3. It was horrible.OMG! I'm thinking about dropping him after this horrible performance.The 11 K's were OK,but he walked a guy!
  4. Or give him a few at bats and see how he does at Coors next.
  5. Clevenger getting squeezed at the top and bottom of the zone.He's gonna have to go for contact since he's not getting the calls.Might cut down on the K's.
  6. These umps are just ruining the game at this point.I mean Shark throws a pitch that should have been a called strike anyway,and the batter didn't check his swing.So it was a strike in 2 different ways but the moron behind the plate must have bills to pay.Just awful,disgusting and a problem the game has to address.These fat turds just have to go away.
  7. It's so far past the time when home plate umps should have been replaced it's just a joke at this point. Viva Las Vegas!
  8. He was supposed to suck last night also.I rolled the dice for a 2 day pickup,and I've already hit the jackpot.
  9. It should be less than 1/64 IMO.It depends on what you have handy.Make sure to heat the bit up first in order to make it sterile. Sometimes there are residual oils that could cause a problem.Let it cool down before you drill the hole.Just sayin'. Or wipe it with some isopropyl alcohol
  10. Not yet.As far as nails go-you can't really be serious.If you smash a fingernail or toe,you drill a hole in it before the blood swells it up.If you don' are stupid. Or a teenage girl.
  11. He has 2 LHP today.After that he should not be on your roster.
  12. Are there really any men in the world who haven't had to drill a hole through their own nail and move on with life?It pretty much happens sometimes. This guy has a great future as the face of Meow Mix or something. And I'm a Nats fan.
  13. Yahoo did an industrial cleaning of any complaints on their message boards.It was already bad enough,but this is just disgusting.
  14. He was an obvious sit his last 2 starts.Now he's an obvious drop.He's dead Jim.