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  1. I don't think he will have the season he had last year because it was very touchdown dependent but he could still end up being a mid caliber RB2
  2. Cardinals make a questionable signing with Gabbert to 1yr deal. Is this suppose to be Palmers replacement. I really wish Arizona would stop playing games and get a reall franchise QB.
  3. If Mr. Blount does not sign with a team by July 22 he will be handcuffed to the patriots. If Blount or should I say when Blount returns to the Patriots backfield is he worth drafting in a PPR format. I think so. look for him to be used the same way as last year with most of his carries inside the twenty which means tons of touchdowns. Let's go Blount Trama.
  4. There is way too much hype surrounding him based on the small sample size that he had from college I'm not crazy about him talent wise plus the situation that is in Cincinnati with running back's where they never decide to pick one over the other it does not bode well for his career
  5. Tell me who's dumb when Mixon is out of the league in a year and a half
  6. Perine will have a better career not even close
  7. The hype around Mixon reminds me that of when McFadden came out even tho McFadden had the more prolific career people were higher on his back up Felix Jones Perine is the way better back but ppl are latching to Mixon
  8. I agree the chargers will move away from Allen and when he gets hurt look for Williams to become the numero uno in that offense this year I think he can Finnish as a Fantasy wide receiver 2 I don't really see the Aquan comparison
  9. Ty Montgomery is a player to me who you draft to fill in for bye weeks
  10. I love Thomas he is my keeper this year super excited he's a solid two with wr1 upside don't know if I see him going in round two just because of most may not trust his dependability but I think he's good for a solid 10 to 15 points per week in ppr formats
  11. I am not crazy about "A.Rob" I would just avoid picking him period in the third round I would still be looking for consistency A.Rob Is neither consistent or dependable. My theory with a receiver like crowder in the fourth would be consistency and a rising player.