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  1. Right I assumed the rankings weren’t completely for dynasty but for this year. So as he mentioned in other comments guys like Mims he didn’t include because there’s been no production. Injury isn’t going to lower guys stock completely but it can hurt it. Mims didn’t get a proper offseason and has missed games if he ends up losing the season that hurts his development. So while I’m not trading those players for Davis, it doesn’t mean Davis didn’t close the gap either. John Brown can be gone next year and they save money with using Davis.
  2. For some of them it can though, seeing immediate success and roles in the offence. Lamb has passed Gallup as the #2, Higgins has passed AJ green. Shenault values increased because you see them creatively involving him in the offence. Guys lose value too like Van Jefferson (more cause of contracts than play.
  3. Everyone saying DJ Moore I have to disagree with. He was getting drafted around WR16 off the board after being WR18 in .5 ppr last year. he’s on pace for 72-1152-0 which isn’t too far off his 87-1175-4 from last year. TD are notoriously fluctuating year to year and if he gets 2 over his next 4 games he’d still be on pace to replicate close to last year. He had a 4 week stretch last year of 21-246-0 Compared to the current 18-288-0 he’s done so far. He’s still on pace for 128 targets as well. Buy Low if you can
  4. 0.5 ppr I gave: Gurley I got: Swift My RBs are Sanders, Ingram, Robinson, McKinnon, and now Swift I don’t like how TD dependent Gurley is, and he seems to be losing passing work. Swift has already put up 9ish points in back to back weeks and hopefully his role grows
  5. You don’t have aNother expendable roster spot just to see how this all plays out?
  6. He only had 27 carries last season BUT 16 of them were in the red zone I would be worried he vultures the GL work from Jet.
  7. Touched the ball 9 times, 121 yards and 2TD I would not be surprised if he gets more touches
  8. Or to keep him cause catcher is so bad
  9. Need to choose between one of these two for my 4th WR starter. It’s 12 team .5 ppr
  10. Slayton hasn’t done it with all the WR on the field at the same time. He’s a safe ppr floor receiver for your bye weeks. If you want to take your shots on WW guys I wouldn’t blame you
  11. Corey Davis 6 targets 4 Receptions is he the guy in ppr? With AJ being the big play guy?
  12. Usually it is when they have announced it officially.
  13. We don’t know, but if he gets 12-15 touches and looks electric with them I can see him getting more touches then Coleman week to week
  14. Yeah he was also a guy that averaged 4.2 or less YPC in 3 of the 5 years in Seattle. He also received 280+ carries in 4 of them, he was the undisputed bell cow on those Seattle teams. The argument against Fournette is that his inefficiency requires him to get volume to succeed. You either believe he will get that volume or you don’t. PFF ranked him behind RoJo in pass protection as well, and on a per touch basis RoJo ranked higher than Fournette on PFF as well last year. So assuming he beats him out completely seems 50/50 to me. Not to do with the quoted post but Also this narrative that they didn’t have faith in RoJo cause they brought McCoy, drafted a rookie and now Fournette seems flawed. This is a team with aspirations of winning big this year, they could of seen Fournette is there and they have a rookie and McCoy as the insurance if RoJo got hurt and simply decided that they wanted more security at the position.. Very easy to spin a narrative on this to fit your position. He is a wide range of outcomes player, you either feel comfortable taking the shot or you don’t.