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  1. 12 Team H2H Daily Lineups adding Doubles, Triples, OBP and Losses, IP, and QS I basically punted Speed and Saves. SB too volatile in H2H to focus on it and saves on the wire I drafted good RP I think might take the role. Tried to play it safe with higher OBP or Avg guys. Also bunch of lotto ticket 3B guys C - Garver (146) 1B - C Santana (119) 2B - Altuve (23) 3B - Solak (239) SS - Correa (95) OF Trout (2) OF Harper (26) OF Castellanos (71) OF Stanton (74) Util Reynolds (170) Util Canha (191) SP Darvish (47), Morton (50), Kluber (98) Gallen (122) Lynn (143) Ohtani SP only (167) RP Gallegos (194), W. Smith (242), Harvey (263) B: Segura(215), Akiyama(218), Berti(266), Tsutsugo(287), Carpenter(290) Also with Ohtani on IL I can grab another guy was looking at Hill, S. Howard, Lugo, Pomeranz, J. Martinez, Cease, Wood, Fulmer plus another guy ill try my best to Help out others
  2. Bryce Harper. As a die hard Nats fan it hurt having him go to Philly. I love the attitude the brashness the fair flip all of it. That MVP season was a ride.
  3. isn’t a part of Tatis value being evaluated after his .400 BABIP last season. Also only stole 4 bases in 36 games after doing 12 in 48 earlier in the season. I keep Bellinger, Story, Cole, and Lindor.
  4. Not sure what your other keepers are but I like dahl over fried so I’d do it
  5. It’s a joke that got veto i Like getting flaherty and moving on from Goldy
  6. Buzzer Beaters with the Washington Logo, a nod to Nats beating the Astros. Big League Chew
  7. The trade is impossible to know without your other keepers. I lean grandal because of having a trusted C but I like Soler too
  8. Depending on the setup of the league, if you have Multiple RP slots and it’s weekly then my suggestions are the following. Cole, Paddack, Ohtani, Glasnow and Carrasco. Having both Glasnow abd Carrasco filling those RP spots will give you an advantage
  9. 14 team league No keeper restrictions 13x13 With hitting cats being R,RBI,Avg,1B,2B,3B,HR,PA,BB,TB,SB,OPS,H trying to decide between these two as my last keeper. I feel Rosario will have more hits, R+RBI, TB,and a better avg.I think Olson will hit more HR and have a higher OPS and more BBS. So Olson is younger too it’s tough other keepers: Acuna, Yelich, Bellinger, G.Sanchez, Bryant, Corbin, L. Castillo
  10. The first one you never said if it is roto or not if it’s roto I keep Soto Cole Giolito Buehler if it’s H2H I keep another bat over Giolito I just think that in H2H I just go 1-2 elite arms abd the rest RP with great ratios and try to win hitting since it’s essentially 11x7 and more like 6 with CG so I’d invest in hitting
  11. I like Robles for saves and Canning is a solid arm with upside
  12. I like keeping Mercado Dozier and Lynn
  13. 14 team H2H (IF,UTIL,4OF) 13x13 (yeah we are a little crazy) R,RBI,SB,HR,Avg,OPS,H,1B,2B,3B,TB,BB,PA ERA,Whip,K,BB,W,L,IP,CG,K/9,K/BB,QS,Sv, Holds We get to Keep 8 with no restrictions Im pretty set on the following 7 keepers Acuna, Yelich, Bellinger, G. Sanchez, Bryant, Olson, E. Rosario I have the following players as my last keeper option. L. Castillo, J. Villar, P. Corbin, H. Dozier, L. Cain, E. Andrus