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  1. Castillo > Giolito = Clevinger > Glasnow >= Berrios
  2. pick 1.2 and 1.3 are extremely intriguing.. But I think the salary for Hendricks is a bit too steep and I believe Vaughn will emerge as a Top 10 (or at best, Top 5) 1B within 2~3 years. So, I'll go with Vaughn
  3. 16-team H2H, Keep 12 forever Current keepers: Fernando Tatis Jr / Rafael Devers / Eloy Jimenez / Keston Hiura / Trea Turner / Manny Machado / Whit Merrifield / Luis Robert / Nick Senzel / Yu Darvish / Lance McCullers Jr. / Brendan McKay I give: Luis Robert I get: Julio Urias + Michael Kopeck + 2021 2nd round pick Currently have the best position player keepers in the league. Kinda lack SP (middling rotation, Darvish - Fried - McCullers Jr. - McKay - Boyd - Heaney - Josh James) Good enough value? Or should I just keep Robert and pray for him to reach early-round status?
  4. MVP: Harden ROTY: Morant MIP: Jaylen Brown / Bam / Ingram / Isaac Bust: Griffin WW Pickup : Holmes / Graham 6th man : Schroder, Dragic 2nd half breakout: JJJ (Have been posting top 10-20 numbers during last month), Turner (slowly showing stability), Culver.
  5. Floor is Top 50. Ceiling is Top 5-10. Owner of Ja in 3 different keeper leagues. Already receiving offers that treat him as an all-star caliber player.
  6. Perennial 1st round player for years to come. In his prime, if he can somehow break the 8-9 RPG barrier, he might get into the Top 5. Electrifying potential, has one of the best ceilings in the game along with his fellow teammate.
  7. Dynasty gold. Top 30-40 asset in dynasty leagues. Solid Top 50-60 asset in redrafts.
  8. Part of this forum is a ''fantasy' basketball forum,' and the another part of this forum is a 'fantasy 'basketball' forum.' Being satisfied with the value already provided by a WW pickup is one part of the story, Predicting ROS value based on his real-life play is another.
  9. Teams starting to use trap defense and double team against this kid since the start of December. See the games, you'll notice. For the last 9 games he's going .327 FG / .370 3P / .755 FT... literally the worst ratios from a starting guard in the NBA during that period 19.8 ppg / 6.7 apg / 3.9 rpg... counting stats are 'decent' but the ratios... ugh... Heavily relies on his 3 pointers since he does not have ANY kind of mid-range game or driving game. Eye test does NOT suggest that the kid is an effective defender. HIs assists are still up there, but most of them are due to his team completely relying on him on almost every situation. (Personally, I think Rozier is a better facilitator than Graham on certain situations.) About the 'early-round next year' discussions... Nope, never. I think I'll pass.
  10. Most of his real-life value this season came from his unrealistic shooting, USG% and weird 4Q outbursts. TBH, when I see the actual game, I was never that much impressed with his overall skillset or game. The lack of real talent in Charlotte is what I think was the biggest factor for this kid's breakout. However, still not convinced. Own him in 2 leagues, but I'm sure that I'll look for a sell-high trade in the upcoming weeks.
  11. 13th in the league in WS (2.2) 22nd in the league in PER (22.2) 1st in the league in FG% (.683) (this will drop to about .677 after today's game) contests more shots in any other player in the game except for Brook Lopez (15.7 per game) and ranks within the Top 20 in WAR (1.8), which is a new stat provided by FiveThirtyEight, based on their new RAPTOR stats. some of these stats will get better after today's solid 14-11 1stl 1blk line. The kid is one of the few C's in the league who can switch against opponent guards, contest shots at the perimeter, and follow them to the paint. This kid is one of the prime screeners in this game and already shows some promise in his PnR game (although, he could be massively better if he develops a mid-range) This kid is already one of the prime rim protectors in this league. And the kid is still 21. Nice to see the kid getting out of his early-season slump and beasting. As a Nets fan, I hope he has a long, productive career.
  12. I might be the only one who's thinking that you should just stick with KP and McCollum.. I legit think that Markkanen is close to drop-worthy at this moment. Not so high on him.
  13. Looks reasonable for both sides. 100% not veto-worthy
  14. Bryant. The gap between the two is not that big, but Bryant is about half a round in front of Rozier.