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  1. This is outrageous. He’s available to pinch run tonight which suggests a return is close. Drop him and watch someone else’s team ride him to the finals.
  2. How about Realmuto striking out with a man on 3rd and no outs. Next hitter Sean Rodriguez muscles a sac fly.
  3. Just note the Nats are 4th in OPS against Lefties.
  4. His full body hits Gonzales so it's hard to be certain but there is speculation it was the Marte family jewels.
  5. There's been no update on the injury but two Pirates prospects have just shown up at the stadium. Apparently there are only 39 players on the roster so one is a freebie but someone is going on the IL.
  6. He got jerked around between the bullpen and rotation last year but a starting spot always seemed to open up. Isn't hard to see that playing out again between injuries and L.A. keeping other guys fresh with the IL or their own bullpen stint.
  7. if you're referring to the slow start that's been the case for him every year as a pro. Looks like he's actually been pretty productive. Did you watch the game and see something relating to his bad hamstring?
  8. As of about a week ago he had played in the same amount of games as he did last year and had 19 less home runs. Also, at the time, he was the 2nd ranked 1B over the prior 30 days.
  9. Assuming this is a keeper league what's probably happening is the team trading Adams has too many keepers and is trying to get something in return for letting him go. I agree it's kind of cheap but if that kind of thing is allowed in the league there is not much you can do about it.
  10. If running backs go for as much as you say, throwing Gurley back into the pool would take a lot of draft capital from another team. Allen at 23$ has the potential to be pretty valuable as well.
  12. Looking at Flaherty's line...will that third run still be charged to him? Marte grounded out after he was pulled.