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  1. This is the first time I have written something fantasy-related as well as Created A New Topic on this site. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I welcome any critiques you may have. The Demand Pressure Draft Strategy.docx
  2. I would definitely go Hollywood Brown. That's incredible value!
  3. I like the idea of trading Singletary for RoJo. I love RoJo's potential this year as I don't think Ke'Shawn Vaughn will steal much, if any time, this season without any preseason games.
  4. If you aren't a competitor this year, I'd take that deal. I also believe that Sanders is overrated right now and I think Swift will be a nice option next year for sure. If you are a competitor this year, I probably wouldn't take it due to the fact that I'm not high on Kerryon and I don't know how Swift will do with no preseason games, which would allow you to buy them low after the season.
  5. I'd shoot for RB. You can get plenty of WR value later in the draft.
  6. I think you are already loaded at WR for the next two seasons at least. You're likely losing more value than you gain still. I would try to shop Cam and maybe Jarwin for a lower middle tier QB and RB with some potential to break out next year.
  7. I think I'd go Saquon. With no preseason games and all three having a new coach. I'm looking at the potential offensive systems for each as well as the OLine. I know Dallas has historically had a great line, I don't think McCarthy is great at getting/developing linemen. And with Carolina going defense in the draft, I don't expect the OLine there to be very good in the next 2 years, maybe even 3. If I had to rank the 3 in terms of which I would take in your position, it would probably be Saquon, CMC, Zeke.
  8. I'd definitely go QB and RB early. I'd probably nominate, but not bid on Mahomes, LJax, Dak, etc. but then go after heavy yardage QBs like Brees. Maybe take some risks by going Rivers and Carr. For the RBs, I'd go after the likes of Chubb, take a shot on Gurley maybe.
  9. I'd prefer any of the 1.03-1.05. This allows you to get one of the top QBs or CMC.