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  1. Hello - I am interested. Hit me up
  2. Is it Dyansty? How much is it? If so hit me up at
  3. I am interested hit me up at
  4. Please hit me up if you are running this type of league at
  5. I am looking for a money league and will accept any team. I have been playing fantasy football for years and love the challenge of turning a team around. If you have such team send me an email to
  6. I will accept any team on ESPN or Yahoo. I have been playing Dyansty for a long time and I want to start with a re-building project. I am a very active player who loves the challenge of turning a team around. If you have that type of team send me an email to jorge
  7. Hello hit me up I like the whole college environment. What platform do you lose? What are the rules?
  8. Yahoo or ESPN, Money League, Competitive and trades a lot, please hit me up at