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  1. i don't know what to make of stidham yet he had some hype a few years ago then his last year in college was bad some was his fault but his guys dropped alot of balls and his o line was no help
  2. if reid was saying that ok but the GM ? he makes the calls on who starts ?
  3. he started 6 of 11 games what happened the other 5 ? is that showing trust not even naming him the starter ?
  4. trust d will ? they clearly dont they traded for mccoy last year then drafted a running back in the 1st this year if mccoy could have held onto the ball last year d will would have probably barely played
  5. if mccoy could have held onto the ball last year dwill would have barely played im not worried about him at all
  6. where would hunt have landed on the list if he was a first rounder?
  7. i have 2 picks in the top 3 im leaning toward a wr and a rb since the ones at the top are pretty close i think it'll be the landing spots which determine who i want if the niners take one i would probably stay away i already have deebo and they like to run
  8. it didnt help it was a primetime game with cousins we all know how those end up
  9. jordan howard ? looked decent with his touches would also free up sanders unless they added someone
  10. wentz and fitzmagic for me vs his watson and wilson
  11. where do you guys have miles sanders? if the role he has played the last 2 weeks continues he will definitely be high on my list
  12. great game he could have had another score to end it but he went down