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  1. it didnt help it was a primetime game with cousins we all know how those end up
  2. jordan howard ? looked decent with his touches would also free up sanders unless they added someone
  3. wentz and fitzmagic for me vs his watson and wilson
  4. where do you guys have miles sanders? if the role he has played the last 2 weeks continues he will definitely be high on my list
  5. great game he could have had another score to end it but he went down
  6. i'll be happy with any sort of line that includes a td
  7. lost luck in 2 qb dynasty green didnt play all year but im some how in the finals thanks fitzmagic
  8. 80 from brees thomas and hilton or pascal ya im done
  9. josh jacobs was going in the 5th round ? but anyway good luck in the future josh
  10. mahomes is more superior then jimmy g even in a snow storm hope it didnt cost you
  11. i doubt 7 inches is going to fall between 1-4 pm the 7 inch forecast runs all the way into tomorrow