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  1. FWIW, I’ve watched most of the Texans games. Several games he has been narrowly missed on targets downfield. One last week for a big TD and one vs the Ravens for a huge gain. His receiving numbers look quite a bit different if he connects on those. We’re seeing a steady floor and honestly, I think he looks good. Hopefully we get some ceiling games in the near future.
  2. I completely disagree. I thought he looked great tonight. First time all season we’ve seen him with any room to operate. Isabella could hardly keep up with him on the 70 yard TD run. The speed is still there. Totally agree that this is a sell high moment due to his lack of involvement in the passing game, but to say he “doesn’t look dynamic in the least” is just flat out wrong. When he has space, he has looked like the same player from last year.
  3. Well feel free to share the details in here when you get more info on the matchup. Love Chark and I’m also on the side of being very optimistic moving forward. I just get nervous with Hayward because I have always thought of him as one of the best corners in the NFL.
  4. Isn’t next week going to be one of his worst matchups of the year? I assume he’ll be shadowed by Casey Hayward..
  5. Would take a king’s ransom to pry RoJo from me. The ceiling is too high. He currently sits third in the NFL in rushing yards. He pops off the screen with his blend of elusiveness, burst, and strength. Great Oline play and teams can’t really stack the box. Solid defense to keep the game script in check. At least two receptions in every game this season. Fournette has never in his career run the way RoJo has these past three games. Also helps that he has a friendly matchup against the Raiders this week so he can further cement himself as the lead dog as Fournette works his way back.
  6. Yea lol I can’t say I understand trying to trade him. If you take out the week 2 mystery 0, he’s a top 5 WR on the year. He’s the favorite target for an elite QB. Only way selling makes sense to me is if you’re packaging him with someone else to snag an elite WR or RB. Otherwise, fire this guy up and enjoy the show.
  7. No comments in here? Our boy dominated the backfield touches, was used in the passing game, and looked great. On top of that, Rivers showed signs of life. Literally all the pieces we needed to see in order to consider him an RB1 moving forward happened today. He is going to erupt after the bye.
  8. The important part is that the same terrible rush D held his competition to 15 carries for 40 yards. Swift is only going to get more involved
  9. If you have Watson, you start him unless the matchup is absolutely brutal. He’s a stud, and more often than not, he will perform. You spent a relatively high pick to only need 1 QB on your roster. I’m pumped to have him in my lineup this week.
  10. Fournette shaping up to be a game time decision. Would be shocking if he doesn’t play, but I think his inability to put in a full practice is telling. With RoJo coming off back to back great games, Fournette at less than 100%, and Arians’ quote that he’s comfortable giving Jones 25-30 touches a game, I’m feeling great about him this week.
  11. Lookin like I might have to fire up Tee Higgy this week with Lockett on bye and OBJ sick. Anyone in here feeling optimistic? Matchup looks brutal on paper
  12. Hopefully it’s nothing and he manages to take the field. Love the outlook for him this week.
  13. I’m definitely on board with calling JT an RB2 ROS based on what we know now, but he is an RB1 for the matchup this weekend. Love his chances of taking a 40+ yarder to the house
  14. Extremely encouraging quote. Again, 0% chance Fournette makes Roquan Smith miss in the backfield on those two carries. RoJo is the best back on this team. With Fournette back this week, what do we think of RoJo’s chances to clear 20 touches? I’m feeling optimistic, especially if Lenny is limited all week.
  15. Which is the most puzzling thing. He was always a great receiver in Miami. At times he was the third down back and his sole use was the receiving game. Then he showed how effective he can be in the passing game when he went to Arizona last year. Now he’s an absolute zero in that department?... It makes no sense.