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  1. The ultimate risk/reward pick this year. The ceiling is tantalizing, but the floor is scary. Probably the guy I will be paying the most attention to in preseason (assuming he gets some reps).
  2. I don’t see Lockett’s production changing much this year. Can be a little inconsistent due to lack of volume, but overall you can’t complain with his production. He has to be the most efficient WR in the league. Wilson is laser accurate and this guy never fails to capitalize on his opportunities. Lockett hasn’t relied on volume to this point, so I’m not worried about the emergence of Metcalf. Worry about Metcalf if you’re hoping for a big jump in production from Lockett. I’m very happy to walk away with him as my WR2.
  3. It may not be readily accepted yet, but AJ Brown is as matchup proof as a WR can be. He is massive and extremely physical, but also very fast. You almost want him to go against a great corner so teams will feel comfortable leaving him in 1 on 1 coverage. Lock him in and enjoy the fireworks.
  4. Hope you guys listened a couple months back. His breakout has gotten me to the championship. Special talent.
  5. Feels like an unlikely week for him to blow up so I’m expecting him to blow up
  6. Its just that despite how pathetic TB’s secondary has been, every ounce of defensive attention will likely be on golladay this week without Jones out there.
  7. Very risky, very rewardy. At least we know that Blough is willing and able (?) to take shots downfield. Really don’t like that he is pretty much the last offensive threat standing for the Lions. Pretty easy to imagine the Bucs defensive game plan going into this one. Very torn on this one.
  8. I understand it’s not the popular opinion in the Aaron Jones fantasy thread, but Lafluer is doing a great job with Jones’ usage. He’s keeping his explosive playmaker fresh and getting him the ball in space where he can make plays. His team is 10-3, and both backs are healthy. Fact is, Jones is probably going to be more effective on carry 12 than carry 23. He’s not built to be Zeke or Fournette and wear down a defense, but he can create big explosive plays when he is fresh. This is the type of player he is. I’m not going to complain about the usage that has brought me a top 5 RB.
  9. You disagree that more touches increases the chance of injury?... I’m sure Kerryon Johnson owners were thrilled with his workload before he went down. Obviously bellcow is a subjective term, but I’d say a fair definition is a player that has a near monopoly on his backfield. There are only a handful in the NFL. If a guy is averaging 20+ touches, he typically falls in that category. It’s awesome that Jones is even close to that. The point that seems to be eluding people in here is that Lafleur is not a raging idiot that is blind to the talent of Jones. He just realizes that it is a violent sport, and if he can get solid production out of two backs instead of running one into the ground, he will. Jones is an explosive talent that feeds on efficiency and big plays. You don’t really want him grinding a defense down the way you would for a player like Fournette. But this is just my opinion. I completely understand the desire for a big juicy workload.
  10. I don’t want to get into this old debate that has been had a million times on these forums. Let’s just agree that with the workload he is getting, he is more likely to stay healthy than if he were a complete bell cow. Then let’s acknowledge that with the workload he has gotten, he is the RB7 in PPR. He isn’t going to turn into a bellcow barring a Williams injury, and that’s okay. I love the way he is being used.
  11. For those that don’t get the split with Williams, it’s to keep Jones fresh. As much as we all want a 30 touch workhorse, that just doesn’t make practical sense. Williams is playing well and makes it easy for the coaching staff to justify a split. I personally am happy with the workload. If Lafluer gave him the 25 touches a game you’re begging for, Jones likely would be injured by now. Just be happy with the returns. He has been an absolute joy to own this year.
  12. Need another blowup performance vs. a solid Bears D this week 🙏🏻
  13. I love Kenny G as much as the next guy (one of the few people in here saying he had WR1 upside last summer), but he has to be a bench for the playoffs. He could very well have a solid game, but it’s too risky. Feels like he could give you 3 points or 10 points, but I don’t think another blowup game is in the cards. Rolling with Robby Anderson over him...
  14. This is all a load of mularkey. Lost in your big words is simple logic. We just saw Cook leave a game for taking a hit to the shoulder, which was a previous injury that he reaggravated. Now, you’re suggesting that a week later, he has just as much injury risk as anyone else? That’s laughable. Clearly he is at a heightened injury risk. We just got the proof last night...
  15. If Jacobs were to go down, I imagine we would see something near an even split or a little in Washington’s favor on early downs, with Richard playing all 3rd downs.