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  1. This is incredible! Thank you for posting
  2. Contreras sounds like he is in good spirits https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/cubs/ct-cubs-willson-contreras-injured-list-20190717-4vvsatglmrhq3i2jk22xddt4ou-story.html
  3. Tatis I am so confused over the love affair for Benny (This season aside).... He is at best a 20HR/20SB OF. If he played a more premium position like 2B/3B/SS then I could see how that would be desirable in a keeper/dynasty. Benny is a better baseball player than a fantasy asset. I.e. Defensive ability, leadership qualities, etc.
  4. Tatis! Two Reasons 1. Plays a more premium position 2. Better player IMO
  5. Soroka side Not a "Wheeler Believer" at all ... & Hicks will get hurt again (like every other yankee this year)
  6. Lindor Soto Walker Mondesi - Have to keep him with 7 RD value. It's not even a debate.
  7. lol I do agree that he needs to either keep Goldy for the ROS or hold out for a better SP. Price has been better than expected or at least more consistent, but his ceiling pales in comparison to what Goldy can contribute to your lineup.
  8. Sold deal for both sides in this one - I do like your side more though, good job!
  9. Mookie would make this deal more interesting with the increase in SBs. If you can snag Mookie & Snell then I do it. Anything short of that then no deal ...