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  1. I stashed him and watson in my dynasty hoping one of them will pan out... I was hoping watson more because I feel he has more of a chance of having future value. Perriman could be a JAG with the right opportunity
  2. is this guy done for good or does he come back next year and keep at least WR2 status? [...]
  3. I’m very curious on your take on josh adams. Tell more
  4. It's that time of the year. Who are your favorite deep stashes to add in dynasty for next year? So far I've added Darwin Thompson (of course), Harmon (wash) and Mack Hollins.
  5. dynasty stash for next year? trying to look up more info on him
  6. Powell or white. I’m changing it every 5 seconds. These are the two I keep going back and forth on. White has the upside but could also have absolutely nothing.
  7. About to start this guy over James white. Someone please talk me out of this
  8. I just stashed him in my dynasty leagues. His best comparable is Mike Williams on PP. Not that I go by that solely, but that's not a bad comparable to have [...]
  9. Any dynasty players out there stashing this guy? Has been getting targets and I don't see much competition for WR2 slot on this team.
  10. One week start for teamss desperate at RB because of opportunity share and the team they are playing against. Pretty much a week 14 streamer.
  11. Held onto this dude more than anyone and 2 weeks after I drop him this happens. What a joke.
  12. Dynasty .5 PPR league Traded away - 2nd round pick (2020) Received - Alshon Jeffrey, 4th Round pick (2020) Dropped: Bo Scarbrough
  13. That's what I'm worried about. But because of our roster format I think my WR situation is more dire right now- especially if Edelman were to retire in a year. It's 12 teams.