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  1. If I can get an elite rb this year and possibly draft Gurley in the early third around as my second RB, I will do it in every single league I can and jump for joy.
  2. Carson's running the show here for at least one more season.
  3. See him being drafted as a high WR2 and performing like a mid-tier flex. Would rather draft stills at his ADP on this team any day as my WR5
  4. In a 12 teamer, Josh Allen in the 7th round would be my goal. Anything earlier than that, and I'm waiting until the double digits to pick up the plentiful qbs in the next tier.
  5. Traded cheaply for him in my dynasty last season. At this point I would be happy with FLEX value from him.
  6. I stashed him and watson in my dynasty hoping one of them will pan out... I was hoping watson more because I feel he has more of a chance of having future value. Perriman could be a JAG with the right opportunity
  7. is this guy done for good or does he come back next year and keep at least WR2 status? [...]
  8. I’m very curious on your take on josh adams. Tell more
  9. It's that time of the year. Who are your favorite deep stashes to add in dynasty for next year? So far I've added Darwin Thompson (of course), Harmon (wash) and Mack Hollins.
  10. dynasty stash for next year? trying to look up more info on him