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  1. I would never do this trade in particular. Even though I would not advise, if you really want to get Mixon, I would trade Hyde and a 2nd or 3rd round pick to get him. I don't think this trade is necessary for your team. I would rather keep my picks and draft heavy on RBS if you want. Pick up someone like Ballage in the middle rounds and take the best available rb in the first round. Having Howard, Hyde, A-Jones and two rookie RBS with starting potential is enough to me in my eyes. Or if you do the trade I mentioned above, now your depth is great as well.
  2. 12 Team, PPR - 3rd pick 3.) Zeke 22.) McCaffrey 27.) McKinnon 46.) A. Robinson 51.) A. Rodgers 70.) Fuller 75.) Edelman 94.) M. Goodwin 99.) D. Foreman 118.) Eifert 123.) Lockett 142.) Njoku 147.) G. Zurlein 166.) Chargers 171.) Blount 190.) Ivory I've been practicing going strong on RBS in the beginning rounds for the early picks (1-4), and I'm seeing if it is actually doable or if the rest of the team becomes too unbalanced. I usually would never pick two TE's, but at the last couple of rounds I try to draft best available player- plus I don't think it's too bad of an idea to pick up a 2nd TE when 1.) you have someone like EIfert and 2.) they could be a potential keeper. You guys think the WR'S are too poor of a squad to make this team a playoff potential team?
  3. Terrelle Pryor I will be picking up iduring the last round in my ROTO league, as well as the two 14-team leagues I am in. Other post-hype: A. Cooper M. Mack D. Westbrook M. Williams K. Dixon J. Ross
  4. Talent/Opportunity wise, I'm taking Doyle over Ebron all day. ADP price Ebron is way better "value"**. Ebron I think is the Colts "plan b" option if Doyle doesn't resurge into his 2016 season stats with Luck back this year. Simply follow the money. Ebron's contact is "up to $15 million" and a two year contract. Guess who's a free agent in 2020? Jack Doyle is also one of two starting players that has worked with Andrew Luck, who just began throwing for the first time since 2016. Doyle blew up in 2016, as well as Hilton. I think Doyle has been extremely underrated for the last year and a half. I will gladly take him if he's available in the 10th-11th round, especially in PPR. It was a great move by the Colts to pretty much solidify their TE position for the next couple of years. Also because their WR depth is lacking probably more than any other team, they might run two-te sets for Luck. In my opinion, this is probably the best possible outlook I could see for Ebron. Could he be a red-zone target machine? Maybe. But Luck has always preferred throwing red zone targets to WRS (Moncrief for example). I wouldn't draft Ebron solely for red zone targets. - yes he's tall, but his catch radius is below average (Ryan Grant's in the 60th percentile + WR2 right now - see where I'm going with this?) **Ebron is going in way late rounds, but about a round or two before plenty of other options that cost way less, and are mostly TE1'S on their teams. I would much rather stock up on whichever other position I need for depth, and wait until the last round to pick up someone like McDonald, Watson, Hurst (I've even seen RSJ go until the last round).
  5. I've done about 50 mock drafts within the last couple of weeks all 12 team ppr snake. think the worst positions are 9-10. It's completely a guessing game for the first two rounds, which can throw your entire draft off. I think 3-6 you should be most optimal. 7-8 balanced as well. I would prefer 3 because you are still guaranteed an elite player, and still don't have to stack a position. 1-2 you have to stack RBS early because if you go rb, wr you have to much of a gap to really get any sort of elite, concrete depth chart in either position. I think 11-12 your best to do zero RB because there are just so many better combos you can do at WR with what is available by the time your first pick comes up.
  6. .5 PPR QB RB WR WR WR/R/T WR/R WR/T LB DT/DL DB 15 BENCH I give my first two picks and Kyle Rudolph, I receive TY Hilton and 5th round pick. I have the 12th pick out of 12 (won last year), and it's not snake formatted. So last pick every round. My wrs are: fitz, amari, ryan grant, ted ginn, terrance williams (getting rid of), keelan cole, and brandon marshall my tes are: rudolph, graham, and ricky-seals jones. I personally think this is a no-brainer because I don't need any rbs (i have gurley and bell). But I want to see what you guys think. Thanks!
  7. What if I held off on Mckinnon and instead got AJ Green and JuJu. Only 1RB league and I'll have Gurley.
  8. 2nd year in a dynasty league .5PPR. I'm going to type the roster settings with my current roster QB: Ben Rb: Gurley WR: Fitz WR: A. Cooper TE: Graham RB/WR/TE: Bell RB/WR: Drake WR/TE: Rudolph LB: Blake Martinez DT/DL: Trent Murphy DB: Eric Berry Bench: Qb: Stafford, Garroppolo, Tannehill (IR) RB: McGuire, Conner, Ellington (dropping), Bibbs (dropping), Joe Williams (dropping) WR: Ginn, Terrence Williams, Ryan Grant, Roger Lewis (dropping), Damiere Byrd (dropping), Brandon Marshall TE: Ricky-Seals Jones DST: Kendricks, L. David, Shazier (IR) Obviously it's amazing having the 1st/2nd overall players being drafted on my team. But my WR depth is horrendous and I feel I gotta make a move this season or bust. I went undefeated last year because of my first two picks (bell/gurley), but I feel JuJu may be one of the biggest non-rookie dynasty prospects right now.
  9. I would like to get Miller as a RB3-RB4, but if I could grab awesome value at WR, grab miller as my 2nd RB with an elite RB1, and grab a couple of the 10+ rookie running backs with eligible starting positions, i would be fine with streaming until one of them (or miller) became a consistent RB2.
  10. Will be great for standard. I'm staying away in PPR for sure.
  11. The way his ADP is, I'm probably grabbing Miller in the majority of my leagues. No competition, can get 200+ carries. I'm in.
  12. Points League H2H, 2 Keepers. 5SP, 3RP 1DH, no UTL I trade: Betts, Dickerson, Smoak, Dyson I receive: Kershaw, Knebel, Choo, Encarnacion, Myers Betts is a 1st round keeper, Kershaw is a 1st round keeper. My team right now: C: Suzuki 1B: Healy 2B: Hernandez 3B: Bryant SS: Peraza OF: Betts OF: Cruz OF: Ender DH: Crawford BENCH: Smoak, Shaw, Dickerson SP: Kluber SP: Heaney SP:Leake SP: Roark SP: Lucchessi RP: Rodney RP: Kela RP: Yates Bench: CC, Wright, Dyson DL: Andrew Miller My plan for next season was to keep Kluber as a 2nd round pick and keep someone else in the 15th< round. This league is so pitch dependent because it's deep (14 teams). I hate giving up Betts but I'm leaning towards pulling the trigger.
  13. I still have faith he'll be back to his old self sooner rather than later.
  14. Is anyone worried about his lack of SB'S the last month?
  15. I'm keeping him out this week, and hoping for his replacement to get me to 13-14 points this week (comparing to what betts could get me in a half a week)
  16. I think I may wait one until subway series to pick him up. He's low owned, and the team right now is the worst at blowing leads in save situations these past two weeks so I can't see people running to pick him up with other options on the table. Is anyone else trying to get him now with FOMO attitude or agree with me?
  17. Anything thinking about Gsellman after that last L for Familia or too early?
  18. If he takes a plea, and MLB makes a decision less damning just to err on the safe side (and not wrongly discipline someone), he could get a ban that might have him back by august/september. I think it's worth the risk.
  19. I picked him up and dropped DesCalsco, so for me that's a free-roll. I'm hoping that Osuna can file motions to have the case delayed- even if he gets me two periods worth of games I would take it, then hopefully Andrew Miller is back from the DL for me.
  20. I put in a waiver request for him today, and thinking the same you are thinking. Even if the case gets moved (kind of like E. Elliott), can get good value out of him.
  21. I wouldn't drop Sanchez. I probably would lean towards Chacin.