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  1. Conner if he's back and Wilson if Breida isn't. With Conner out: Wilson, pettis, robinson, dede With Conner out and Breida Back: mcguire (try to get dixon), pettis, robinson, dede. Your first priority on waivers should be hamilton and i would start him instead of dede.
  2. .5 PPR he had 13 so 19 and change if every yard is counted (like mine). He can be a league winner if you have a TE like burton, graham, njoku putting up 2-3 points every week.
  3. Until Ingram is out of the picture this guy is a low-end rb1 going forward with a tremendous ceiling. Not reliable but you have to start him every week and not think about it.
  4. DJ and Fitz can get you in the championship next week playing the falcons. If DJ doesn't get points in this match-up then without a massive bump in their o-line, I would not be too pumped about him for the future. If he does what he's supposed to do this upcoming week, then it'll affirm that he can potentially bounce-back to true form next year with a better o-line and offense in general.
  5. Samuels is no chump. Ridley vultured a TD from him which would had made Samuels have a 20 point game. I have no problem starting him as a TE in yahoo with the garbage at that position outside of kelce/kittle/ertz.Would i start him as a rb2? no. TE or flex play here.
  6. Loving this guy for dynasty. Still hesitant on starting him in the playoffs this year- rather revisit next year. He's definitely going to be a future piece of that offense though.I see him being used like Tyreek was used last season.
  7. you're making this easier for me keep convincing me lol. i have winston in 3 leagues
  8. I'm still contemplating between sutton and fitzgerald right now. I feel like they almost have the same kind of situation.
  9. Yeah I know but muddy field conditions concern me as well.
  10. Josh Allen Ingram, Diggs NYJ are a terrible defense all around. ALlen gives you the rushing yards too. TB/NO game is going to be very run-orientated on the NO side especially if they get an early lead; the field is horrible as well. I see alot of RZ opportunities going to ingram.
  11. I have josh allen and jamesis winston in 2 leagues... one of them has cam. I am thinking start cam in the one league i have him over allen, and starting allen over winston in my other league. I am very nervous about the TB/NO game today.
  12. Edelman and Wilson. Shanahan loves running the ball. I see this game as a potential shootout too that people are not focusing on because of NO/TB, HOU/IND
  13. i'm considering starting josh allen over winston cause of this weather. this game smells of fantasy busts besides kamara (maybe ingram)
  14. picking him up over samuels and justin jackson this week.
  15. You like Ware vs Ravens over DJ vs the Lions? Ware vs Chargers over DJ vs falcons? "" "" Chubb vs Panthers, Chubb vs Denver?
  16. Ware's matchups for the fantasy playoffs kind of sucks. i picked him up solely just so others couldn't get him, but I'm starting Kamara, DJ and Chubb over him ROS.
  17. I think their schedule plays to him better for at least the first two weeks of fantasy playoffs (Lions and Falcons). Championship could go either way against the Rams- but I'm confident he can at least get you to the championship. I have him in 3 leagues, bought him cheap in two of them off of someone and I'm hoping he can have an impact.
  18. Samuels is a better dynasty hold play. We will see more of him used next season. I don't see him being used that much unless an emergency for 2018. Steelers are going to be a vastly different team in 2020 than now. A-lot of younger players coming up: (Juju, Conner, Watt, Washington)- Samuels is a future play for the steelers, and they are a team known for breeding their players for the long haul (hence why many if not all of their star players end up staying with them for their majority-entirety of their careers).
  19. DJ gonna go off the next couple of weeks. We might finally see 2016 DJ come out, and he could be a championship winner.
  20. The relevant titans players have been the most annoying players this year in fantasy football and causing me headaches. Lewis and Corey Davis get either 30 points or 5 points every week. It seems like a great matchup with Lewis but with Henry vulturing most of the TDS at the 10yd line or closer, and them splitting the carries it's just not worth the risk for me to start Lewis. I'm choosing Carson over Lewis this week.
  21. Would you guys hang on to Darnold in a dynasty league as a potential future QB, or replace him with someone like Driskel or Taysom Hill? Not trying to start him now- thinking years ahead.
  22. Been monitoring this guy all season. I have him on my taxi squad. I think this guy next year will have his breakout, but not this year. Obviously different type of player, but his situation is a-lot on par with David Moore. Samuel's target share is primarily what worries me even in a potential shoot-out game. Panters unfortunately are always going to start Funchess / Moore over Samuel for the time being, and with Olsen there grabbing targets as well and CMC taking 50% of the work- I just can't see starting Samuel this week in any spot even as a WR4.
  23. I am down by 20.8, I have Dion Lewis and Tyrann Mathieu. .5 PPR. what are my odds?