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  1. The playoff schedule kind of concerns me. Wish I would’ve thought about that more before shipping off one of my good receivers lol
  2. This is bad. I’m not even a Kupp fan really. but yea, just bad.
  3. The fantasy playoff schedule isn’t pretty either. This has taken quite the turn.
  4. Yea, I get you. I just traded him for Hooper. And I don't regret it either. So that tells you how far he's fallen.
  5. The dude hasn't gone over 100 yards since Luck retired. The bye isn't going to bring Luck back. My guess is he's done being relevant.
  6. I would say so. High potential guys held back by their coaches. My friend is trying to unload both of them to me for Montgomery. I am tempted to do it cause Montgomery is so boring but I just can't pull the trigger. Gibson and Swift are so uncertain and will probably split carries the whole year. I love their talent though.
  7. Absolute trash. Upset at myself for even falling for it.
  8. I'm mad that this guy sucks. I figured Lock coming back would help him. I'm upset.
  9. I read he left the game with a groin thing. Am I mistaken?? And if he did leave, did he finish the game. I was expecting the roto world blurb to say something about it but they didn’t. I’m assuming because the dolphins have a bye but I don’t know. Either way, that game sucked.
  10. My friend said he looks like a plotter. I haven’t watched him this year but I know he’s the three down back so I will take the chance on that.
  11. Just traded for this guy. Is he any good? I might have made a poopsie.
  12. My mouse is over the drop button but I'm scared to click it. I think it's just his name that is scaring me from doing it.
  13. I'm in a 14 man league and I'm contemplating dropping him to stream a tight end bye week filler. I'm not going to regret this am I? From everything I see and hear, he looks cooked.
  14. Last week most people said it was a huge game for Drake because the Panthers were an easy match up. He had his worst outing of the year. I am very concerned right now about Drake ROS. I just hate that he isn't catching passes. But now, this week is realistically even bigger than last week. If he can't even do pretty well against the Jets this week, I seriously think it might be panic time. I'm trying to unload him but no one wants him. I don't blame them.
  15. Is it a known thing that players want to stick it to their old coaches? Or is that just roto world forum hype talk. I imagine he wants to stick it to all his opponents.
  16. The rushing yards aren't THAT bad. But the main thing that's really concerning about him is that he is literally getting no passing yards. I'm pretty worried. It's really looking like he's not going to be anywhere close to what I thought he was.
  17. I know game script killed his production last game, but I don't even care anymore. I'm pretty worried about his production ROS.
  18. This would be a little bit more believable if he was on the injury report this week. Even then, it's a pretty big exaggeration.
  19. This. Happens all the time. Not saying Fuller isn't injury prone. But they probably just want to play it safe with him. The Raiders didn't practice Waller and Jacobs for the first two days last week. It's just strategy sometimes
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