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  1. yes i would trade KB for reed to bad you couldnt get them both just in case Reed gets hurt, i would take both over henry help me with mine
  2. i thought you had another TE yes Ertz is top 3 TE this year and still doing good but tyreek really coulda help you out when Brown goes on a bye. but its done now still ertz wasen't a bad pickup your team looks really good help me with mine
  3. wow would have to pick Bryant and Aghlolor but both of them are boom or bust help me with mine
  4. you might have to trade for a QB i would use Dalton for now but he has some tough matchups coming up, Are thoes the only QB's available on your WW? help me with mine
  5. teams look good M.Ryan should look alot better the second half help me with mine
  6. thats sucks i really wouldnt touch seattle backfield cj wasnet even doing anything before he got injured is there any other RB on the WW for you? help me with mine
  7. for me i would give Graham the slight edge over Engram Seatlle could double coverage engram and still be ok on defense cause giants dont have really noone yes sheppard might play but hes not 100% help me with mine
  8. Fowler for me but i wouldnt drop cobb maybe Stewart help me with mine
  9. i would wait it until next week Golladay being dealing with his own hamstring injury that kept his sideline for the past 3 weeks and he still haven't pratice help me with mine
  10. for me its Duke he plays ahole lot better with Kizer, Ty and Jones are splitting carries help me with mine
  11. yes much needed upgrade for you help me with mine
  12. i would take more of a chance on hilton facing jax then doctson help me with mine
  13. dont really know what u mean about 2 of the 3 but Rudolph and Kroft help me with mine
  14. it would have to be Smallwood or Doyle for me smallwood is questionable for this matchup and doyle faces a tough D help me with mine
  15. Both of these guy's are not 100% but i like Sanu match up against NE more then Shepard's. help me with mine
  16. Lewis or Collins for me help me with mine
  17. Since its non ppr i would try to get D.Hopkins,A.Brown,L.Fitz,M.Evans,T.Hill,A.J.Green help me with mine
  18. im rolling with the bills this week Winston is playing hurt he might not play the whole game so they might put Fitzpatrick in as well there prolly going to pass heavy in this game Bills could luck out and get a pick six help me with mine please
  19. well i found out its suppose to rain in green bay this sunday there's a 53% chance of rain should i still start Thomas or roll with Fitz? leave a link and i will help you out
  20. its suppose to rain in Green Bay this week how much of a factor would that be for hundley and brees