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  1. then try to get lucky and pair McCoy with Gordon win situation =)
  2. At 12 weeks The foot will continue to ache when walking and may still be swollen. Continue regular ice packs. Wear trainers to walk for the next few months. Gradually you will recover strength, flexibility and mobility. You should be back to normal activities by about 4 months but the foot will continue to improve over a 12 month period I basically giving up on Watkins this year after I read more about his surgery don't know how serious Zay Jones knee injury is but is L.Mccoy the one to own this year?
  3. how would this play out will M.Wallace still remand #1 WR on Balitmore if he does i believe Maclin will be a steal and could end up producing good numbers
  4. Well since Tampa added DJax to this group in the off season im starting to see there might be alot of goal line work here after D.Martin Suspension is over could he feel the role like Blount Did with Pats and be TD vulture?