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  1. Awesome 👏 but I would like to see Parker at SF right now until Dunn comes back, plenty of talent between all positions when Dunn and portis comes back
  2. It’s so easy to walk away but if someone is attacking you with force or a weapon you have a right to defend yourself without causing great bodily harm
  3. I wish ESPN would assign the SG tag to him would really need the help but keep ballin Rose wish you was still a Bull
  4. Stills for me help me with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/735396-help-please/
  5. Nope would not take this stay put help me with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/735396-help-please/
  6. Sorry thought it’s was badgley definitely roll with vinatieri
  7. Cook and Michel for me, Trubisky is out and need couple more strings of games from Moore before I roll him out help me with mine
  8. Reed for me as well Mccoy likes he’s security blanket help me with mine
  9. Yes Miller I’m iffy on Mccoy this week since Jags defense played better coming off the bye and shut down Connor help me with mine
  10. I really want to pick C.Brate up off waivers to backup G.Olsen having a hard time deciding who to drop for him, I am leaning towards dropping H.Butker since I have M.Badgley now but not sure who would you guys drop my team is below QB P.Mahomes/D.Brees/P.Rivers RB M.Gordon/D.Johnson/J.Connor/N.Chubb/L.Mccoy WR M.Thomas/J.Gordon/T.Boyd/T.Lockett TE G.Olsen K M.Badgley/H.Butker
  11. You have to be careful about G.Harris cause when Barton comes back in a few weeks Harris stats might take a dip I would pair Harrell and warren for a decent SG or SG/SF help me with mine
  12. Hardaway for ROS help me with mine joe
  13. Thanks for mine it will be Shai for me until Orlando move Vucevic
  14. I’m in a 8 team H2H league. Traded T.Harris and L.Aldridge for R.Westbrook and R.Gay my team is below J.Harden K.Irving P.George C.J. McCollum W.Cauley-Stein D.Fox D.Rose J.Teague A.Horford P.Siakam S.Adams
  15. Yup I give Dez 2 to 3 weeks before he’s gone. He better learn to shut his mouth if he want to stay in New Orleans this year
  16. Make that trade since DT is no longer in Denver
  17. I would say no Lindsay and Miller both on bye week 10 and we don’t know if Sony will play week 10
  18. Yup agreed. Looking forward too week 10 against Kansas City might be a little better