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  1. Well KC is right up there with TB in defense and they pressured him and dalton did horrible. TB just lost LB Alexander for the year and G.Mccoy might miss this matchup. But if they pressure Dalton this week again he’ll probably do bad
  2. Just wow even with a better team he still sucks lol
  3. Just curious why do you think he will never have a 2TD game being 6’3 red zone threat
  4. Duke Johnson - RB - Browns Duke Johnson is listed as the starter for Week 7 against the Bucs. We wouldn't read much into this. Johnson is listed ahead of Chubb out of seniority but may not start depending on what formation the Browns open in. Chubb remains the favorite to lead Cleveland in Week 7 carries. Source: Akron Beacon-Journal Oct 21 - 11:42 AM
  5. NE lost a good pass protection RT this week as well play Gordon at your own risk I have good WR already
  6. Nope Gronk is out this week not looking good this week, will wait next week for Mr.Flash
  7. Idk now Patriots is without a RT Patriots RT Marcus Cannon (concussion) has been ruled out for Week 7 against Chicago. It's a pass protection downgrade for Tom Brady. Cannon has been playing at a league-average level this year. LaAdrian Waddle will get the start at right tackle.
  8. Hmm not really I bench him this week since J.Smith came back from suspension Baltimore D has been even better
  9. Depends on your league settings but you’re getting a RB1+WR1 and giving up TE1+RB2 not even going to mention QB unless this league plays 2 QB or is a superflex league
  10. Right now KC defense is terrible against the pass and run I see a good overall production for everyone not just 1 player
  11. I think this prime time game will be one of dalton better games they might lose against the chiefs but he stats won’t be that awful
  12. For me I love DJ but I would rather have white/ekeler this year. If chargers make playoffs there’s a good chance they lower Gordon snaps closer to end of season. Not saying the 1-5 team will make playoffs but crazier things have happend in fantasy football it’s a fair trade
  13. One league I package Miller for Bell and my second league I plain out dropped him. With Blue playing decent and foreman possibly returning before the bye week it doesn’t look good for Miller
  14. No I wouldn’t drop Bears D unless you absolutely have no choice but I wouldn’t play them against NE either
  15. Just wondering do you guys think DJ can be the 2016 L.Blount for this year maybe 15 or 16 TD’s?
  16. Gordon caught that ball if only his forarms hit the ground instead of his hands he woulda held onto it