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  1. I don’t what happend last night but from what I seen something was going on. I’m picking a backup TE for now, and monitor Reed next week
  2. Sammy Watkins (hamstring) is practicing Wednesday. It's unknown in what capacity, but we would assume Watkins is limited after pulling his hamstring Monday night early in the first half and being unable to return. However, this is a promising sign for his Week 5 availability against the Jaguars where he'll be a WR4 in an extremely tough matchup.
  3. I’m holding him because I’m very deep at RB I rather him be on my bench then someone else roster
  4. Need Mahomes/Butker to score 70 points while keeping Sanders/Kelce/Lindsay and Mcmanus under 50 points combine LoL it’s a loss for me
  5. Well guy’s I look at it like this for the first two weeks he practice with the Browns also played week 1. Now with the Patriots week 3 did get in limited practices week 3 cause of his hammy and studied playbook. Going on week 4 still got in limited practice again with the team again, Belichick wants Gordon to learn playbook the most while getting in some practices. Beginning of week 5 he will be limited practice then finish with full practices, I’m firing up Flash this week against Miami
  6. Kittle and CJ are from the same draft class and played together in college out of any players on SF, Kittle and Breida are the safiest to play
  7. Against Tampa Bay V.Mcdonald reminds me of Hines Ward with his size and toughness just taller then hinez and probably slower but if Mcdonald shows Big Ben he has that toughness that Hines has and be able to catch locked me again in week 4
  8. What are you guys thoughts on Thomas after week 4 Week 5 - J.Norman. Week 6 - Bye Week 7 - J.Smith Week 8 - X.Rhodes Week 9 - M.Peters
  9. Right now it sucks going to put him on bench until a juicy matchup or they put Rosen in
  10. Yes in 2014 Josh Gordon came back week 12, And played in Shanahan system for 6 games glad he’s a little familiar with it
  11. Why if Josh Gordon get traded to the San Francisco 49ers that would be a good deal for him Even though Shanahan system is complex will take him a few weeks to learn it
  12. drop forte for Pernie or Murray i would keep both TE's
  13. ull be just fine with 4 WR going foward unless 2 gets seriously injured last week for bye weeks ACCEPT TRADE
  14. Yes that put a smile on my face just pure karma there, i just hope juju keeps the WR2 Role Next 2 games are at home
  15. well i check the weather channel and its raining in chicago and detroit. idk about NY looks rain after the 1 o'clock games https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/USDC0001:1:US
  16. well stop watching it plaiin and simple and then you can stop coming onto forums like this
  17. really then how come in my post at the end, it said both players should be suspended oh yea thats right because you dont read everything you just read what you want to read
  18. learn to read kid before you start shooting your mouth off
  19. well first off im happy green didnt get suspended. 2nd if you compare green to evans green was pushed down for no reason from ramsey before green put him into a headlock and slamed him twice while throwing punches green got ejected. Mike evans Ran full speed and spear Lattimore in his back trying to hurt him on purpose he did not get ejected. yes both players should of got suspended of course but Evans was way out of line reminds me of what M.Lynch diid
  20. i already drop Mack for Woodhead, Talent wise Mack is prolly better but Mack is facing some Heavy Run stopping D the rest of the way
  21. Forte Crowell Drake brieda Smith Lacy help me with mine plz